Tuesday, July 31, 2012

75 Ways to Show Love in Relationships (self-improvement-saga.com)

I saw this list on www.self-improvement-saga.com and I couldn't wait to try them out. They're so on point and they are things that anybody can do and have a lot of fun while doing at it. The author is Nea. As a life coach and self help blogger. 

Enjoy and remember to try them out, they're really cool! 

75 Ways to Show Love in Relationships
 1. A kiss on the forehead

Kristen & Robert fight over who gets custody of their rescue dog, Bear

26-year-old Robert wants Bear – the mixed breed rescue they adopted from a high-kill shelter in New Orleans.
But Kristen won’t give up Bear easily, she nursed the pup through his battle with the potentially fatal disease Parvo.
She's also spent a lot of time with the dog and has flown him around the country with her.

'After Rob moved his things out of their Los Angeles apartment, he then told Kristen he wanted Bear,' an insider told RadarOnline.com. 

'But Rob was so hurt by Kristen’s actions he decided that he wants the dog to help him get over what happened. After all, a dog is a man’s best friend and Bear is such a good companion.'She was heartbroken – they adopted Bear together and she always felt that he was their little baby.

Elegant Kate Middleton looks every bit the Princess she is!

Doesn't she just look perfect! Lovely hair and perfect marching shoes with her pretty pretty dress. She's definitely measuring up to her status as a future queen.

She was photographed here attending a creative Industries reception at the Royal Academy of Arts in London's Piccadilly to support the Government's GREAT Campaign.  

Children are taken from their families and brutalised into future Olympians in China?

Olympic Update:Child Cruelty,What It Takes To Win In China?

If this is what winning entails, I'll pass.I used to respect the discipline and enduring qualities in these guys when it comes to being healthy and fit, but this is cruel. Trust Americans to go Western world to dig up the dirt when a 16 year old Chinese swimmer out swam men's No. 1. A very rare feat! They are saying kids that are barely old enough to know what the Olympic means are brutalised and focefully turned into athletes!
Sickening! Why can't they just let these kids grow up to decide for themselves?
A diplomatic storm is brewing over Olympic swimming sensation Ye Shiwen. The 16-year-old was forced to deny using drugs after US coach John Leonard called her gold medal-winning performance 'unbelievable'. But her defiant pledge that the world record-breaking swim on Saturday - which saw her outpace the winner of the men's event - came from 'hard work and training' failed to defuse a doping controversy gripping London 2012

Courtesy Dianah's Place

Bank driver arrested with 19 ATM cards, N652,000

Oh my! What a flimsy explanation. Thank God for the vigilant security guard who raised alarm and got the man arrested. I still wonder how he actually got those cards though.

The full story as reported in Punch

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested Dare Oladujoye, a driver with Zenith Bank, for allegedly being in possession of 19 Guaranty Trust Bank ATM cards and the sum of N652, 000.

See what Kanye West & Kim K wore to Fela! on Broadway

I don't think I'm feeling this Kanye West's baggy cloths and Kim K's unflattering army green dress but they do look good together as usual and I like the fact that Kanye West is the perfect gentle man by opening the door for his sweetheart.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Best Relationship story making the waves on social media today

This is according to my own personal assessment oh, as in, as said by Yimiton. lol. I really think this story is great. First saw it on a bb broadcast yesterday and it made it's way to people's blogs today. I don't know where the story originated from but it's a great read. 
Continue to read the story and leave a comment please. 

Mom jailed for letting her baby drown in a bath while she went drinking

I don't know where women who are not ready to be responsible for their kids get the idea that it's ok to have them and neglect them. Believe it or not she not only let this happen but she also tried to blame her older son, who was less than 3 for the crime! 

According to Mailonline: A young mother was jailed today for letting her 12-month-old baby drown in a bath while she went out to drink wine with neighbours and then tried to blame the death on her older son.

25 year old NFL Player, O.J. Murdock commits suicide

This is such a sad sad story. I wonder where people get the heart to take their own lives. He went to his alma mater and simply shot himself. 

According to Tennessean.com
Murdock was found in his car in front of Middleton High School, his alma mater, at 8:30 a.m., police said. He was transported to Tampa General Hospital in critical condition and pronounced dead at 10:43 a.m. Eastern time. “He was by himself,” Tampa police spokesman Andrea Davis said. “… He was alive when fire rescue transported him.”

FG to send soldiers to fight Islamists in Mali (PUNCH Ng)

Na waoh, we've got our own issues in our country and we're sending out soldiers to fight in other countries. 
According to PUNCH Nigeria: 
Indications emerged on Sunday that Nigeria will soon deploy soldiers in Mali to confront the Islamists troubling the West African country, the Presidency and foreign affairs ministry said on Sunday.
Spokespersons for President Goodluck Jonatha, Reuben Abati; and Foreign Affairs Ministry, Ogbole Ahmedu-Ode, say Nigeria holds a responsibility to return peace to Mali.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

13 passengers die in motor accident

About 13 passengers died in a motor accident on the Benin-Ore road this at 7.45 this morning. 
The accident involved 2 vehicles, a mass transit Toyota Hiace bus and an Iveco truck descending a slop. They had a head-on-collision. 
13 passengers died in the bus which was coming from Lagos while 3 people, including the truck driver, survived. 
The victims have been taken to Shiloh Hospital, Ugbogui in Edo  for treatment while corpses were deposited at the mortuary of the same hospital.
The Commission said the obstruction caused as a result of the accident had been promptly cleared.

Amazing fact of the day

Japanese research has concluded that moderate drinking can boost IQ levels

Emm....bet some of my friends will really like this researcher and his result. Remember friends, say Moderate Drinking. lol

Man batters live-in-lover and sleeps with other women in her presence

I don't get why this woman stayed in this relationship for this long. Annoyingly, she wasn't even married to her partner, yet, endured all that abuse. I also wonder why she's seeking divorce since she was never married to the man in the first place. 
Continue to read the full story. 

Go Team Nigeria! Nigeria Basket Ball Team wins their first match

This is an extremely exciting news being that Nigerian sports team hardly come home with any winnings these days. Team Nigeria at the 2012 London Game Olympics, D'Tigers is the first Nigerian basketball team to win a match at the on-going games.
They won their first match in Group A by beating Tunisia, 60-56. 

By winning this match, they only need to win one more game to scale through to the next round.

Olympics is getting really exciting. Team Nigeria all the way!

Woman stabs son to get to her ex live-in-lover in Kano

Things we hear these days! How on earth can a woman cut open a child that she carried in her womb for 9 months and breast fed for a while. Many people should be cooling it off in psychiatric hospitals. 
Continue to read the story as told by Leadership Newspaper. 
A 28-year-old woman, Miss Joy Akule, who allegedly used a knife to cut her 11-year-old biological son is now in police net for attempted murder charge. Miss Akule said she cut the child for sharing between her and her live-in lover, Mr Thomas Kationa.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Amazing fact of the day

No piece of paper can be folded in half more than 7 times

Ok, run along, pick your piece of paper,(The size doesn't matter) and try as hard as you like, but sorry friends, no piece of paper can be folded in half more than 7 times! Lol. 

Good luck! Let us know if you succeed.

David Bekham & the lovely women in his life

David Bekham is seen here joining Posh and their lovely little girl for lunch.

38 year old Victoria looks totally chic in her  putty/cream contrast collar wool dress from her Victoria by Victoria Beckham collection, which she teamed with a pair of tan wedge sandals.

Little Harper looks adorable in a white broderie anglais dress, tan sandals and a silver alice band.

Did you notice both 'women's' identical sandals? Me like!

Robert Pattison feels completely humiliated by his cheating girlfriend

According to Mailonline 'Robert Pattison is reported to have packed his bags and left the LA mansion he shared with girlfriend Kristen Stewart following the news she cheated on him with married director Rupert Sanders.

But despite Kristen’s very public apology regarding her ‘momentary indiscretion,’ Robert Pattinson is reported to be in two minds about giving his Twilight co-star a second chance.

A source close to the star told The UK Mirror: ‘Rob is devastated and deeply hurt. They spoke on the phone and he said “You’ve completely humiliated me.”
‘All the trust has gone.’
Rupert and his two kids with his beautiful wife Liberty Ross
The source said that the 26-year-old British actor 'couldn't believe what he was hearing’ when Kristen told him the fling was just a ‘one off.’'

Yimiton's comments:
I've felt so much pity for 22 year old Kristen Stewart in regards to her affair with 41 year old Director of Snow White and the Hundsman,  Rupert  Sanders, that I've been so reluctant to blog about it. Nevertheless when her boyfriend, Robert lashed out on her and said how completely humiliated he felt, I pitied her a little more and felt terrible for him and every other person in the mess.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Man arrested for refusing to leave the prison

Rodney Dwayne Valentine 
A man, Rodney Valentine who'd just been released from jail in northern North Carolina was arrested again for refusing to leave the jail after authorities wouldn't give him a ride to a motel.
He was released from the Rockingham County jail Saturday morning after being behind bars since May 22. The sheriff's office says he asked them to drive him to a local motel and they refused. Deputies charged Valentine with second-degree trespassing when he had refused to leave the jail by Saturday afternoon.
Lol, I'll say they should just transfer this man to Kirikiri prison for 1 week. He'll be too glad to run when he finally gains his freedom. 

NUPENG begins strike today

If you don't have full tank in your car or fuel at home for your gen, this is the time to run to the filling station and get some oh, so you don't end up in one of those long, annoying and endless queues.

I hear the strike is in solidarity with some of their members sacked on Wednesday by MRS oil and Gas (about 2,500 of them). The strike will be restricted to Lagos, Ogun, Ekiti, Oyo, Osun and Kwara. They said they will continue with the strike till their members are called back.

Meanwhile, they've threatened to embark on an indefinite strike over the failure of Fed Govt. to pay subsidy for imported petroleum products and the poor state of the country's refineries among other issues.

Uche Jombo & Husband, Kenny Rodriguez cover WOW magazine

They sure do look Wow!

Amazing fact of the day

It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open! 

This is a very interesting fact. I kept laughing at my poor attempt at sneezing with my eyes open.  lol

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Army Colonel arrested by Fashola on BRT lane fined N25, 000

Remember that much talked about Army Colonel that was arrested by Governor Fashola (click HERE to read it) They've now been asked to pay N25, 000.00 each as fine.
General Kenneth Minimah, the general officer commanding 81 division, gave the order while addressing the court marital established to discipline 13 army personnel for their misconducts.
“No military personnel is above the law,” the Army General said.
Good thinking! 

Kanye West is already Designing an engagement ring for Kim!

Wow, while some babes are husband hunting, Kim seems never to be short of men wanting to marry her. It's being reported that while she's yet to conclude the divorce proceedings from a previous marriage, Kanye West is already designing an engagement ring which he intends to use to propose to her!

Janet Jackson slapped Michael Jackson's daughter Paris and called her a B***!?

                      Paris                                                              Janet
Oh my gosh! this is definitely not happening. I've watched and read the Jackson's feud over the late icon's disputed $500m will, which leaves everything to the children and nothing to his siblings silently because I felt this should be a family matter that should be settled amicably within the family but I was pushed to react when I read this morning that Janet called Paris a b*** and slapped her while Paris returned the slap with her own very sound one. Also remember that their grandma who's their guardian was reported missing but was later said to be fine and with family members. (Read that HERE)

From what I read up, the Jackson family tried to take the children away from the house they've stayed since their father died but they resisted. It is alleged that when Janet screamed abuse at Paris, the14-year-old responded with a slap of her own, telling her aunt: 'This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f*** out!"
My! this feels so wrong! considering that Michael Jackson tried so hard to shield his children from paparazzi

Read Mailonline's full story after the cut.

Amazing fact of the day

The sentence "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" uses every letter in the english language. 

Try it! You'll have something to smile about. 

Meet Ghana's new President. John Dramani Mahama

The new president of Ghana is John  Dramani Mahama. He has a degree in social psychology from the Institute of Social Sciences, Moscow. He has a keen interest in environmental affairs, particularly the problem of plastic pollution in Africa.

His first book, My First Coup d'État and Other True Stories From the Lost Decades of Africa, was published by Bloomsbury on July 3, 2012.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ghanaian President John Atta Mills Is Dead

Ghana's President John Atta Mills, who was most recently treated in the U.S. for throat cancer has passed away. His replacement will be sworn in Tonight.

He died at the 37 Military hospital in Accra at 68 years.

He was a scholar and a professor, he taught at Temple Law School in Philadelphia, Stanford Law School, and the University of Ghana, and authored several books on taxes.

He will be replaced by John  Dramani  Mahama

Pictures of Supermodel Alek Wek's emotional visit to refugee camp in her South Sudan hometown

I saw this very torching piece on Mailonline and I was torched, I wanted to share it with the whole world. This lady is so beautiful inside out. Even after so many years and moving on, she still still came to associate with her refugees in her country. What strikes me is the way she looks at home and so like one of them. The way she's dressed is so down to earth that you'll almost think she's one of them. 

Her life now involves pacing the catwalks of London, New York, Paris and Milan, wearing couture clothes costing hundreds and thousands of pounds.
But South Sudanese supermodel Alek Wek has proved she is not going to forget her humble and often traumatic beginnings in a hurry.The former North African refugee has made an emotional return to her homeland, her first since 2005, to mark the first anniversary of the country's independence.And the trip brought back plenty of painful memories. 

continue to view the pictures and the emotional story 

Rihanna goes about in nothing but bikini top and crochet skirt!

This girl is really bold sha. I mean, who goes about with a bra in a crowded market place without fear of being lynched! I hope she never gets to do this in Yaba market (lol, I know she's got no business there sha) she might not be too happy with what all those Ibo traders will do to her. 
See more pictures of her in the crowd when you continue. 

Pictures of Colorado Cinema Shooter, James Holmes' first appearance in court

Holmes dyed his hair to appear like Batman's nemesis The Joker
 This guy is just delusional! can you believe him, he dyed his hair bright orange to look like the joker (Batman nemesis  in the movie). Fortunately, Prosecutors are considering death penalty but will consult with the victims' family members while legal experts speculate that the Mugshot will likely pursue insanity defence. How convenient! For once, I agree with the idea, that says 'suffer not the witch to live!'

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pictures from Sylvester Stallone' son, Sage's funeral

Hearse carrying Sage's coffin
Church where the burial took place

Goldie looking like a Victoria Secret Model

I think Goldie looks stunning in this new photoshoot. I like the white wings and pretty hair. A nice comeback from the BBA not so impressive outing.

Makoko Residents protest demolition and killings.

A friend sent this picture of Makoko residents protesting this morning. 

They were mostly women and children matching along the street, waving different materials and chanting protest songs. She couldn't tell for sure but from all indication, they were protesting the demolition of the Makoko settlement, killing of one of the residents and several arrests made. 

Recall that the demolition and killing happened sometime last week. If you didn't read it, click HERE to read it up. 

There was a police patrol van waiting to swing into action if the protest became violent. She couldn't get a picture of the van though. 

4 JSS 3 students sell their class mate for rituals in Lagos?

I Just got this from a friend and decided to share it here. I don't know how true it s. 
Not the picture of the students or the victim
Thursday 19th July, 2012 was another horrifying day in Lagos.   Lion Building Police Station area  is where I parked my car today  and where I gathered this story that has kept me in awe. I am still in shock of this news. As unreal as it sounds, its true because I validated  the story.

Four JSS3 students of a nearby secondary school chattered a “keke marwa” to Ajah. They told the driver to wait for them, while one of them stayed in the vehicle and the other three went into a nearby house. Shortly afterwards, two of then came out and when the driver queried, he was told that the fourth guy is with their teacher, and that  he is the teacher’s favourite. As they drove off the driver noticed that they were looking into a black nylon bag that they just brought with them from the teacher’s place. He then noticed that it was full of money. When he probed, they said it was for them to deliver  an errand.

Twins slaughtered in Yobe as oldest private school is set ablaze

The state’s Commissioner of Police, Patrick Egbuniwe, who confirmed the incidence to Channels Television in Damaturu said the command is suspecting members of the Boko Haram Islamic sects for the killings.
He also revealed that the oldest private school in the state-Yobe Children’s Academy-has also been burned down.
According to the Police boss, the cases of night killings and burning of schools are on the increased in the state capital as the hoodlums no longer use gun or explosive devices but resort to slaughtering of their victims as sounds of guns and bombs often attracts immediate response by security agents.

Usher's 11-year-old stepson Kile Glover dies after being taken off life support following severe jet ski accident

Usher's 11-year-old stepson Kile Glover, with the R&B star and his former wife Tameka Foster, has died following a severe jet ski accident earlier this month
This news totally breaks my heart. I feel so sad for Usher and his ex-wife. In the same vain, I can only imagine the pain and regret the family friend who collided with him will be feeling.

Usher's 11-year-old stepson has died, two weeks after the child was critically injured in a boating accident.
Kile Glover passed away on Saturday morning from the injuries he obtained after being run over on July 6 by a personal watercraft on Lake Lanier, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Pastor Bakare asks President Jonathan to resign

Pastor Tunde Bakare

According to Punch Nigeria, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has asked President Goodluck Jonathan to resign.
Bakare made the call while delivering a speech at the Latter Rain Assembly, Lagos, on Sunday.
Speaking on the theme, ‘How to Change Government Peacefully and Make Society Better’, Bakare told the President that resignation was not “a sign of weakness but a sign of patriotic truthfulness”.

The Serving Overseer of Latter Rain and vice-presidential candidate for Congress for Democratic Change in the 2011 presidential election, said Jonathan should not wait to be impeached or disgraced out of office.

Police confirm 82-year-old Katherine Jackson is NOT missing! She is safe with family

Michael Jackson's mother Katherine Jackson

It's been all over the news that  Katherine Jackson, the mother of Michael Jackson and guardian of his three children is missing, but truth, she is safe and with a family member in Arizona, authorities said late on Sunday, one day after another relative reported her missing to police.

Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy Mark Pope said investigators made contact with Mrs Jackson, but he did not have specifics on her whereabouts. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Police Kill Resident At Makoko Waterfront, Arrest 12 Others (Sahara Reporters)

Timothy Azinpono
Tragedy struck today at the Makoko waterfront, which is currently under demolition by the Lagos State Government, as a police corporal shot and killed one of the residents who were appealing for more time to pack their properties before the demolition of their homes.
The victim, identified as Timothy Azinpono, was said to be advising protesting residents on how to conduct themselves during a planned peaceful protest before the police corporal aimed and shot at him.
A witness, Mr. Opaloba, who was present during the incident, said children of the affected residents, mainly secondary school students, were peacefully showing placards at a considerable distance from the police and Kick Against Indiscipline [KAI] officials present during the demolition hour but that the rash corporal turned his gun on Mr. Azinpono.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pictures of Naeto C's white wedding.

The Star studded wedding was held at Catholic Church of Divine Mercy, Lekki.

Happy married life to Naeto C and his lovely wife.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Meet African Contestants for Miss World 2012

These ladies are really pretty. Do you think the title will come to Africa this time around? Does our own   Damiete Charle stand a chance?

When does photoshoot stop being SEXY and just become plain TACKY

I think these photoshoots by Jodie Marsh and Kirk Norcross are the tackiest pictures I ever came across. Meanwhile, gist has it that Jodie said she's keeping sex from Kirk until he promises her that he loves her, wants to marry and have babies with her. Although, Kirk tweeted that they aren't dating oh. 'Just for the record guys i am single, you are allowed to kiss a girl and still be mate ‪(sic) #Jeeeez.'

More tacky pictures when you continue: