Saturday, August 18, 2012

Miss China, Wenxia YU is crowned Miss World 2012

There ends our wishful hope that our own dear Miss Damiete Charles-Granville, Most beautiful girl in Nigeria will come home with the  coveted miss world crown for 2012. 
Of the 116 contestants representing their countries, Miss China, Wenxia Yu won the crown. Miss Wales, Sophie Moulds, came in second, while Miss Australia, Jessica Kahawaty, finished third

Face of a father who continuously raped his 14 year old daughter for 7 years!

Elijah Olusesi

What a sad sad tale. Too many very sick people are going about, abusing innocent children and stealing away their innocence. This is indeed a most despicable act. 
A 45-year old bricklayer, Elijah Olusesi who has been having sex with his 14-year old daughter (name withheld) since she was  seven, has been apprehended by members of O’odua Peoples Congress, OPC.
He was caught by the OPC members who had laid ambush for him at Adeosun Street, Adiyan, a remote community in Ifo Local Government, Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria.
His wife, Shade, had fled to Adiyan when the man started sleeping with the little girl.
It was learnt by our correspondents that he evaded arrest for 15 days before his eventual arrest in the midnight recently.

24 year old man pierced through head by 6ft pole miraculously survives.

Miracles still happen, that's the only explanation I have for this very fortunate  24-year-old construction worker who survived after a 6-foot metal bar fell from above and pierced his head. 

Luiz Alexandre Essinger, chief of staff at Rio de Janeiro's Miguel Couto Hospital, said doctors successfully withdrew the iron bar from Eduardo Leite's skull during a five-hour surgery. 
 scans showing the of the horrific injury suffered Eduardo Leite, and how miraculously survived
The bar fell from the fifth floor of a building under construction, went through Leite's hard hat, entered the back of his skull and exited between his eyes, Essinger said, adding: 'It really was a miracle' that Leite survived. 

Leite was conscious when he arrived at the hospital and narrated what had happened. He was lucid and showed no negative consequences after the operation. 

What a lucky break! He sure cheated death.