Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Army Colonel arrested by Fashola on BRT lane fined N25, 000

Remember that much talked about Army Colonel that was arrested by Governor Fashola (click HERE to read it) They've now been asked to pay N25, 000.00 each as fine.
General Kenneth Minimah, the general officer commanding 81 division, gave the order while addressing the court marital established to discipline 13 army personnel for their misconducts.
“No military personnel is above the law,” the Army General said.
Good thinking! 

Kanye West is already Designing an engagement ring for Kim!

Wow, while some babes are husband hunting, Kim seems never to be short of men wanting to marry her. It's being reported that while she's yet to conclude the divorce proceedings from a previous marriage, Kanye West is already designing an engagement ring which he intends to use to propose to her!

Janet Jackson slapped Michael Jackson's daughter Paris and called her a B***!?

                      Paris                                                              Janet
Oh my gosh! this is definitely not happening. I've watched and read the Jackson's feud over the late icon's disputed $500m will, which leaves everything to the children and nothing to his siblings silently because I felt this should be a family matter that should be settled amicably within the family but I was pushed to react when I read this morning that Janet called Paris a b*** and slapped her while Paris returned the slap with her own very sound one. Also remember that their grandma who's their guardian was reported missing but was later said to be fine and with family members. (Read that HERE)

From what I read up, the Jackson family tried to take the children away from the house they've stayed since their father died but they resisted. It is alleged that when Janet screamed abuse at Paris, the14-year-old responded with a slap of her own, telling her aunt: 'This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f*** out!"
My! this feels so wrong! considering that Michael Jackson tried so hard to shield his children from paparazzi

Read Mailonline's full story after the cut.

Amazing fact of the day

The sentence "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" uses every letter in the english language. 

Try it! You'll have something to smile about. 

Meet Ghana's new President. John Dramani Mahama

The new president of Ghana is John  Dramani Mahama. He has a degree in social psychology from the Institute of Social Sciences, Moscow. He has a keen interest in environmental affairs, particularly the problem of plastic pollution in Africa.

His first book, My First Coup d'État and Other True Stories From the Lost Decades of Africa, was published by Bloomsbury on July 3, 2012.