Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ladies, What will you do with this $1m Diamond Studded bra?

We're talking over N160million! 
The bra in the picture has just gone on sale for $1million. It has 500 carats of diamonds, moulded out of 18 carat gold and took a crew of 40 workers almost a year to make the bra at Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers .

The bra consists of all natural diamonds, with 750 grams of gold, 'solid gold,' said the store's owner Anthony Aubry.

However the extravagant bra, weighing nearly 1kg, has left many women confused.
Would anyone actually wear it, or is it more of a showpiece?

Guys! Guys! Guys! Tight jeans are terrible for your testicles! they can make them shrink!

You see, I've never really liked tight jeans but knowing that they can twist a guy's testicles, weaken the bladder (imagine not being able to control your bladder!) cause Urinary Tract Infections, cause low fluid count (hehen, that leads to infertility oh) and fungal infection just makes me hate them even more!

Now see what experts have to say:

Meet the woman who injects industrial silicone into ladies' butt and use superglue to seal the scars! made AT LEAST $1.3 million

Her name is Kimberly Smedley, she's a 45 year old unlicensed cosmetic surgeon and faces up to five years in prison for operating her   illegal practice out of hotel rooms in Baltimore, Washington, Detroit, Philadelphia and New York. 
Prosecutors said a forensic accountant's review of Smedley's bank accounts found $1.513 million in receipts related to the practice.

She kept the silicone in a water jug for the procedures - and used 'super glue with cotton balls to prevent silicone leaking out' of the women's flesh.
She charged '$500 and $1,600, always in cash, for each session where she typically injected silicone in nine places on each side of the buttocks', according to court papers. 

'I am definitely not pregnant': Kris Humphries' ex Myla Sinanaj finally denies she is carrying NBA star's child

Remember that story I wrote; about  Kim K's ex husband Kris Humphries' ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj is pregnant with his child! the babe has come out to refute the rumour. 

According to Dailymailonline, "Myla Sinanaj has finally set the record straight - insisting she is definitely not pregnant with Kris Humphries' child.

The revelation comes a day after the 25-year-old posted a Twitter snap baring her stomach, casting doubt on the reports by writing: 'Uhhh ooooo Loook No baby bump!'.

When asked by today while out in Jersey, Myla told TMZ: 'I am definitely not pregnant.'

Kanye finally debuts on E!'s Keeping up with the Kardashians

Kim and Kanye are seen on Kanye's debut episode of the E! series bonding over his fancy blacked-out Lamborghini while Kim is seen wearing earrings bearing the rapper's initials.

Kim just confirmed that she will return to the Middle East, with a stop in Kuwait, in October.

Remember she launched Millions of Milkshakes at the Dubai Mall last year, and in an interview with Arabian Business in November she said she wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to open a Kardashian hotel or night club in Dubai if the opportunity was right

Source: Mailonline

Patience Jonathan Appointed Permanent Secretary!

This is a serious something oh! 
Wednesday, Patience Jonathan became the first wife of a sitting president to be appointed into the high echelon of the civil service order, while yet serving as the nation’s First Lady. She was appointed a Permanent Secretary by the Seriake Dickson-led government of Bayelsa State. The governor was elected into office last February.
Yes, the concept of First Lady, which is copied from the American system, registers a strong connect in the consciousness of Nigerians, but it is an office still not known to the nation’s constitution. It remains largely a ceremonial office and not careerist.