Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rihanna goes about in nothing but bikini top and crochet skirt!

This girl is really bold sha. I mean, who goes about with a bra in a crowded market place without fear of being lynched! I hope she never gets to do this in Yaba market (lol, I know she's got no business there sha) she might not be too happy with what all those Ibo traders will do to her. 
See more pictures of her in the crowd when you continue. 

Spotted exploring the streets of St Tropez in a combination of her swimwear and a white crochet skirt.

Seen arriving at the port of the French town where she decided to head straight to the shops to indulge in some retail therapy.
 What is your take on this? Sexy or tacky?


  1. you think say na Nigeria. lol
    these guys are crazy and we all know it. not sexy jare, tacky more like it.

  2. This girl sef, abi she don madt?

  3. Rihana will go stack naked one day. Let's pray we never see that day come

  4. I choose tacky! nobody should go about dressed that way!