Friday, September 7, 2012

Chairman of Panel set up to investigat Dana Airlines says NOTHING IS WRONG with the Airlines!

 The chairman of the Technical and Administrative Panel that investigated Dana Airlines, Group Captain John Obakpolor has backed the return of the airline’s license noting that his panel cleared the airlines on technical and administrative grounds.

He said no investigation has been able to reveal why the aircraft lost both engines in a journey of less than 1hour.

Tree kills Niger State CPC's Legal Adviser, Barrister Joseph Kolo

Some things sound so weird, it's difficult to understand.

A tree fell on a major road in the capital city during a two hour heavy downpour and killed the Legal Adviser to Niger State Chapter of Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Barrister Joseph Kolo.

You've got to read this! Student bargaining money for sex with a total stranger over BB! (Lindaikji's blog)

My eyes popped in disbelief when I read this on Linda Ikeji's blog. I was in so much shock, when I got out of it, I told myself I must have it here. I mean, how could a whore 'student' be making such despicable bargain with a total stranger over BB?

Please prepare for the shock as U read on. 

Obama's excellent speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention ‘our problems can be solved’ — with more time


Obama all the way! I love this guy, he's one of the best orators ever! He brings back the memory of Martin Luther King Junior's great oratory and sets the crowd on fire.

After the wonderful work Michelle did yesterday, you'll wonder if he'll have anything more to say that'll totally wow the crowd.

Grab a bottle of your favorite drink and popcorn and enjoy watching this video. I can guarantee you're in for a great time. If you can't watch it,  read it below. It's mind blowing.

Nicki Minaj says she's a virgin?

I've read this story in several blogs but non of them has left a reliable link to prove that she actually made the statement.

Everybody seems to be quoting Urban Daily yet, there's no URL leading to the story. To confirm the story, I went to Urban Daily and searched all I could but it returned with no answers.

I watched dad kill mum –11 year old Only child (The Sun)

I got this report from THE SUN and thought to share it. Things we hear and see these days!

An 11-year-old boy, Onyebuchi Eze, who witnessed how his mother was gruesomely murdered by his father has relived the bizarre incident.

Sunday Eze Jnr. killed his wife, Anthonia, on Tuesday night, leaving residents of Agbani Village on the outskirts of Nsukka Urban in Enugu State bewildered.

The killer husband, Daily Sun gathered, fled and hid in the jungle between his village and Obimo community in Nsukka Local Government Area after the dastardly act.