Friday, September 23, 2011

King of the Jungle

Tall, strong built, blessed with the complexion of the gods; he was the king of the jungle.

He protected his princess like his life depended upon it, he fought off the savages others called bullies. The gods favoured him in the battle field with a shiny sword which he swayed perfectly with his left hand. He was the desire of every woman.

His thunderous voice sent fear into the spine of the savages and made the ladies giddy with the sweetness of the sound. The princess had a choice place although she was quite shy of the king, she was always confident and fearless when he was around. No savage was bold enough to make fun of her or pull on her hair in the presence of the king.

Unfortunately, his princess was taken away only 2 years after. I don't know how he handled it but I know that after little 6 year old Onayimi was whisked away from Kingsley, the class monitor of Primary 1, Utua Primary School, Igarra and went to live with her Aunt; she soon forgot him but never met another love like him.