Monday, July 23, 2012

4 JSS 3 students sell their class mate for rituals in Lagos?

I Just got this from a friend and decided to share it here. I don't know how true it s. 
Not the picture of the students or the victim
Thursday 19th July, 2012 was another horrifying day in Lagos.   Lion Building Police Station area  is where I parked my car today  and where I gathered this story that has kept me in awe. I am still in shock of this news. As unreal as it sounds, its true because I validated  the story.

Four JSS3 students of a nearby secondary school chattered a “keke marwa” to Ajah. They told the driver to wait for them, while one of them stayed in the vehicle and the other three went into a nearby house. Shortly afterwards, two of then came out and when the driver queried, he was told that the fourth guy is with their teacher, and that  he is the teacher’s favourite. As they drove off the driver noticed that they were looking into a black nylon bag that they just brought with them from the teacher’s place. He then noticed that it was full of money. When he probed, they said it was for them to deliver  an errand.

The driver didn’t let them know that he already suspected them but just drove them close to lion building which was on their way back. He excused himself to urinate but went to alert the police and got the boys  apprehended. The boys quickly confessed that they went to deliver their classmate to a buyer who offered them money. On getting back to the drop site said to be the teacher’s house, the only thing they found was the dead body of the fourth boy with his head and genitals cut off already. Sounds unreal? Yes, that was how I felt too when I heard the news. This is not a gist, it is a bad news that is worth worrying about what is becoming of our society. I don’t know what to make of this.”

Perhaps, stories like this have been heard of in the past, but what makes this peculiar and somewhat alarming is the fact that they are JSS3 STUDENTS! What is the world and Nigeria in particular turning into? God help the future of this country. 

Just thought I should share. If this is true, then we're in deep trouble in this country. Children selling their consciences to the devil at their tender age? I just find it too horrifying to believe. 

What is your take?


  1. I've heard this story too. It was sent to me on BB. But like you said, I don't know how true it is.

  2. What won't we hear in this country? God save us!

  3. If you really want to tell us anything, why don't you find out the facts and ensure that it's true before you come here and tell us. What conclusion are we supposed to draw here if it's just an hearsay? ye ye

  4. Are these the kind of future leaders we're bringing up in this country? What future does this country have?