Sunday, August 19, 2012

Alleged Cannibal Clifford Orji dies in Kirikiri Prison

I'm sure most Nigerians remember Clifford Orji who first made news about 13 years ago as the horrid man who roasted and ate human flesh. It was even said that lots of body parts were found stored in his freezer which he claimed he sold to notable politicians for rituals. 

He was arrested in 1999 under the bridge at Toyota Bus Stop along the Apapa-Oshodi Expressway in Lagos  and some people said he was mad at the time while others said he was a ritualise and not actually mad. 

While in  Kirikiri Mazimum Prison, he totally went mad, going about naked, vomiting and even defecating on himself. 
The bad thing is that he was never at any time admitted into any psychiatric home for treatment as most of the homes rejected him. 
He finally died on Friday, 17th August in his sleep at 46 years old

16 swept away in Kuramo Beach Ocean surge

High waves accompanied by ocean surge swept away 16 persons in Lagos around 2am this morning. One victim was reported dead. The police confirmed the body was recovered. The victims include 11 traders in a boat, four picknickers and a diver. Scene of disaster was Kuramo Beach on Victoria Island.