Friday, June 7, 2013

Dear Yimiton, I am so angry, I could kill my brother for defiling my little girl!

How am I supposed to forgive my 27 year old brother who has been raping my 8 year old daughter! Somebody tell me, how am I supposed to move on, knowing that my little girl has been defiled by my own brother? How am I supposed to forgive myself or my demonic brother with what has been done to my baby?

I returned from work precisely one week ago and was shocked to meet my usually happy wife, holding our little girl and crying her eyes out. She looked so sad and immediately she saw me, she completely broke down and was crying so hard and so deep, it was heart wrecking. It was so scary to see my wife in that state.

'Mish' Out with one of the best Nigerian Songs I've heard in a while

Heard this song by 'Mish' yesterday and I couldn't have enough of it. 
I hear the guy is a Mechanical Engineer, a graduate of Uniport. Handsome dude too. 
Enjoy the song and let's know what you think. 
Song url:
Twitter handle: @Mishmeshach
Artist name: Mish