Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How is exposing your butt 'sexy'?

For me oh, this is just an eyesore.

No wonder so many people like it! Coke and Pepsi contain ALCOHOL!

Hehehe, next time someone ask you if you take alcohol, you must say the truth by saying yes! even if you've stuck to coke all your life. 

Recently, I was 'disvirgined' of my alcohol free life, thanks to my bestie and a special someone. I've always said I don't do alcohol until I read up today on Mailonline that scientist discovered that cocacola and pepsi contain a minute percent of alcohol. 

Mmmm, this means I've been taking alcohol all my life afterall. 

Do you think this discovery will be enough to upset the thousands of Muslims who regularly drink Cola because their religion forbids them from drinking alcohol?

Source: Mailonline

Kris Humphries Legal Team to Subpoena Amber Rose

Amber Rose

After reports that Humphries' legal team planned to question Kanye West and Reggie Bush about their respective relationships with the reality queen, now a close source to the proceedings claim Kim's boyfriend Kanye West's ex Amber Rose is next on the list. 

The Kardashian's bizarre shopping for burial plots at a cemetery. They want to be buried together!

The Kadashians will not cease to amaze me!

Yesterday, they weren't shopping for the usual designer goods we're used to seeing them shop for, instead, the whole family went looking for burial plots to buy. The size of the plot was put into consideration as they wanted to ensure they got a place that will accommodate all of them including their unborn babies. 

More pictures after the cut. 

Is this girl for real, is she an alien or what?

Is this fashion or...I'm just dumbfounded, you tell me.

My dear readers, what I see these days in the name of fashion shocks me so much. Please am I 'old school' or is this actually fashion extreme? 

People can be so wicked! (Very horrible picture of man's inhumanity to man)

See what a 27 year old did to this old woman in her own house. She suffered serious injuries and two broken arms in the attack. She underwent emergency blood transfusion and facial reconstruction surgery and spent weeks in the hospital.

Picture of how she looked just after the attack. Please do not continue if you don't have the mind for terrible sights.

Picture of the day.

Fans dancing to honour Michael Jackson. Interesting. 

Jonathan says every Nigerian must have a National ID card by 2015

President Goodluck Jonathan has declared that he wants every Nigerian to have his/her national identity card by 2015

Lagos to prosecute men who abandon women they impregnate

It is now a criminal offence in Lagos for a man to desert a woman he impregnated, the State Attorney General, Ade Ipaye, said on Tuesday.

Chris Brown and Drake offered $1million each to duke it out in the ring. Rihanna to be the ring girl!

Ghen ghen....this one will be very interesting fight oh. Imagine Rihnna being the ring girl. I can't laugh. All these celebrity boxing promoters sha. 

My dear readers, do you think they will agree to this fight? Who do you think will win? Drake or Brown.  People are already speculating oh. 50 cent said he thinks Chris Brown will win because of his dancing skills. 

Below is the details from CNN. 

Oh my! The Driver of this crushed car escaped almost unhurt!

A terrified 20-year-old woman narrowly escaped death by tearing off her seat-belt and rolling on to her side as a lorry toppled over on to her car.

These dramatic pictures (When you continue) show just how close she came to being crushed inside the Nissan Micra when it was flattened on the A50 in Staffordshire.

Italian Who Donated Controversial Church To President Jonathan’s Hometown is Dead

I learnt yesterday night of the death of Domenico Gitto, the Italian national who made waves in Nigeria earlier this year by controversially donating a church to President Goodluck Jonathan's hometown of Otuoke, in Bayelsa, State.