Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Globacom Manager 'Adebayo Ola-Smith' Commits suicide in Ibadan!

I don't know what could possibly lead a married man with children to commit suicide and blame it on his boss, but judging from the suicide note this Glo Area Marketing Manager left, that seemed to have been the case.

One of the Area Marketing Managers of Globacom Nigeria, Adebayo Ola-Smith committed suicide last Saturday, leaving a note in which he apologized to his wife and children.
It is also being speculated that the deceased blamed his action on his boss who he claimed was frustrating him.

Mandela features in New South African Currency

The Madiba himself shall be featured in the new banknotes to be introduced in South Africa soon.

The South African Reserve bank Governor, Gill Marcus, today said South Africa's currency should be a reflection of its culture and heritage.

"South Africa's banknotes have reflected aspects of its culture and heritage since the inception of the South African rand in 1961," said Marcus in her speech at the launch of the media campaign of the Nelson Mandela bank notes in Pretoria.

14 year old 'Virgin' gives 32 year old man HIV

This story is hilarious.

I don't where people get the idea that raping children is the 'in-thing'

A man in Harare who thought a 14 year old girl was a virgin was shocked when he tested positive after being  arrested for rape and ordered by the court to undergo an HIV test.

The gist is that the man took the girl to the  house which he shares with a friend and slept with her over 3 times overnight before letting her go home the next day.

When she got home, she told her elder sister what had happened and the man was arrested.

What Yimiton doesn't understand in this gist sha is how a man can test positive  few days after sleeping with an HIV positive girl. Doesn't that thing take time to be detected? Like 4 weeks I think?


I present to you 51 year old Nancy Dell'Olio's Boobs

51 year Dell'Olio went to the GQ awards dressed this way.
She's sexy and she knows it abi what do you guys think?

Late Cynthia's BB traced to Port Harcourt Based Bizman

Cynthia Osokagu's BB was recently recovered from a portharcourt businessman. He was arrested when her  BB pin was traced to him. At the time of the arrest,  the phone had been flashed and all the information wiped off. 

The man who is based in Portharcourt said he bought the phone through a friend and got it shipped to him in Portharcourt.   

Na wa oh, this man probably didn't have a clue that he was buying a stolen phone when he was presented with it. 

Let's all be careful how we buy stolen second hand phones from these computer village boys.

Is Jimoh Ibrahim actually a business crasher? Air Nigeria operations suspended & workers sacked for disloyalty

When Jimoh Ibrahim just bought over Air Nigeria, my friend, Dianah, who was working with Air Nigeria at the time didn't blink an eyelid before she put in her resignation. Her reason, anything Jimoh Ibrahim buys fails! She went on to name a number of failed businesses accredited to his faulty management system.

At the time, I didn't quite believe her, I felt she walked away because she got bored with her job and had a better offer.

But today, hearing this about Air Nigeria, I wonder if this guy is actually a business crasher.
In as much as I'm happy my friend had left,  I feel bad for those members of staff who are still there.

I also wonder about people who had bought their tickets for future use. Will they loose their money or will they be refunded immediately.

My dear readers, please tell me, is Jimoh Ibrahim actually a joker like my friend said or is he just unfortunate in his choice of businesses?

Read the full gist after the cut: signing in & saying Thanks.

Hi everyone,

It's been 2 whole days and I've not only missed you guys but I've also mightily missed blogging and my blog.
I didn't know blogging had become such a big part of my life until I couldn't blog or view my posts for 2 days. I guess it was for a good cause as I just bought my domain name and it took 2 whole days to get it working!