Monday, July 23, 2012

Police confirm 82-year-old Katherine Jackson is NOT missing! She is safe with family

Michael Jackson's mother Katherine Jackson

It's been all over the news that  Katherine Jackson, the mother of Michael Jackson and guardian of his three children is missing, but truth, she is safe and with a family member in Arizona, authorities said late on Sunday, one day after another relative reported her missing to police.

Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy Mark Pope said investigators made contact with Mrs Jackson, but he did not have specifics on her whereabouts. 

Katherine Jackson, far left, is guardian to Michael's children Blanket, third left, Prince, center and Paris, right. She and his three children are also Michael's only beneficiaries
The agency previously said they believed she was with a relative and safe, but wanted to speak with her, a request that went unanswered.
'Mother is safe and well in Arizona with her daughter and our sister, Rebbie, resting up on doctor's advice, so it is beyond me how she can be reported "missing,"' her son Jermaine Jackson said in a statement late on Sunday. 
He said access to his mother is not being blocked but that her access to phones and computers was removed for her well being.
'Furthermore, it dismays me that such an alarmist "missing person" report has caused unnecessary anxiety among Michael's children who will understandably react to what they misunderstand, hear or are told,' he said.

Worried for her grandmother's safety, Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris tweeted on early Sunday that she wanted her to return home.
‘yes, my grandmother is missing. i haven't spoken with her in a week i want her home now,' the 14-year-old tweeted adding a number to call if there was any word.
It was unclear who is taking care of the children in Mrs Jackson's absence. 
At the same time of Paris' pleas for help, her uncle Jermaine tweeted his own of assurance that his mother was safe and being taken care of during a time of medical need, naming a mini-stroke in recent months.


  1. Thank God she's been found.

  2. I hope this wasn't just a publicity stunt.