Sunday, July 1, 2012

Repairs On Third Mainland Bridge Postponed Indefinitely

THE Federal Government may have indefinitely suspended the proposed repair work earlier scheduled to begin on the Third Mainland Bridge Sunday, thus putting the controversy with the Lagos State officials over the matter to an abrupt but temporary end.

Have you noticed how Tom Cruise's Wives file for divorce once they reach 33?

Really, isn't it very strange that all Tom Cruise Ex-wives including Katie file for divorce once they reach 33 years? No matter how 'into each other' they are before they got to that age. We all remember  how excited Tom was to be getting married to Katie even jumping on Oprah's couch to show just how excited he was. Just five years later when she reached 33 years, she files for divorce. 

Mimi RogersKatie HolmesNicole Kidman

Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes were all in their early thirties when their marriages to the Hollywood leading man took a turn for the worse.

Happy July 2012!

Pray you achieve all you set out to in this new month.
The last half of the year shall be better than the first.
You will not have any reasons to shed tears of sadness.
Your heart shall be filled with joy.
You shall have cause to celebrate.

Do have a great July, 2012!

Is DJ Tee on the run after he allegedly stabbed upcoming artist?

The stabbing incident involving DJ Tee and an upcoming act, has taken a new twist. Remi Ogunpitan, a TV producer, has stepped into  the matter and confirmed that Tosin is his nephew and that the scuffle also involved his 17-year-old niece, Bolaji (Tosin’s sister).

Chris Okotie to remarry in December?

Can you imagine that Chris Okotie says that he fell for his ex wife based on her physical looks alone? Na waoh, I'm still wondering how true this is and if yes, how Okotie's church members feel about these multiple divorces and marriages and of course, how he's so comfortable just explaining them away as if that makes it ok. 

Jeeez! See the long worm that lived behind a man's eyeball!

Is this the work of witches or what? This Indian man was suffereing from an irritated and itchy right eye and was shocked when doctors found a five-inch-long worm living in his eye socket!

Again, Unknown Gunmen Attack Damaturu

Unknown gunmen Saturday struck again in Damaturu, the Yobe State capital,  as gunfire and explosions rocked the town, shortly after a dusk-to-dawn curfew came into force following a coordinated gun attacks on targets around the city by the Boko Haram dissidents.

Usher's stalker admitted to psychiatric hospital after claiming she was married to him

Remember the strange woman stalking Usher I told you about a few days ago? (If you don't click HERE to read up on it) She was arrested  in front of Usher's house last weekend and has reportedly been admitted to hospital for mental evaluation.

Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw, 26, was taken away by police last Sunday after she showed up at the singer's home in Georgia, Atlanta, forcing the star to get a restraining order against her.