Saturday, March 30, 2013

Girl Raped And Videoed, She Begged Yet The Guys Took Nude Photos Of Her (Photos)

I just saw this post on and thought to share the terrible story on my blog.

A video apparently showing a young lady being violated by a man in the presence of at least two others who ignored her plea for mercy and continued to trample on her dignity without remorse has been on circulation.

The suspect in the video clip spoke in Yoruba, is light skinned and approximately 5feet 8inches tall.

A Prostitute posts naked photos of herself in church to advertise her services

A Vicar has said the “body is a beautiful thing but there is a time and place for it” after a prostitute posted photos of herself naked in church, but called the stunt "shameless" and "sacrilegious".

The prostitute, known only as Gemma, posted the photos of her inside St Bartholomew's Church in the village of Goodnestone, Kent, on a website.

Uti Nwachukwu talks about his expectation from his ideal woman

 I hope his current girlfirend (click HERE to see picture of her) meets his expectations.

“I am an extremely jealous guy but I am praying to God to make me less jealous and less possessive. I believe that if you find somebody that’s for you, that person should be for you only. I’m a bit extreme because my lover must focus on only me. Now that’s a bit difficult and that’s why I say I am a very difficult person to be with. Perhaps, I’m very demanding when it comes to relationships."

Lynxx says he's never been turned down by a lady...his game was too much.

Lynxx definitely knows the kinda woman that finds him attractive. He revealed in a recent  interview that he has NEVER been turned down by a lady.
Have you ever been turned down by a lady?
Lynxxx: No

'My Oga at the top' movie has been released?

I wonder how true this poster is. It sorta looks super-imposed to me especially as there's no finger showing the 'Oga on top' sign. If it's true, na wa for Nollywood sha.

Wardrobe malfunction: Khloe Khardashian's underwear exposed as mini dress blows up

Kourtney Kardashian is considering being a surrogate for her infertile sister, Khloe

Khloe spending time with Kourtney's son
Khloe has always made her desires to have a child known to the world and we've all watched on as she gets disappointed time after time.

It looks like her dream of coming a mom is going to come true quite soon as sister Kourtney, who already has 2 kids of her own is considering being a surrogate to her.

This family could be annoying in many ways but the way they're always there for each other is so so touching. Sometimes, you just can't help but love and admire them.

Chris Brown and Rihanna call it quits...again

Seriously, these two should grow up and decide whether or not they want to be together for good.

Few days after Chris Brown gushed in an interview on Rihanna being a 'wonderful person' for accepting him back after he beat her, he's revealed yet in another interview with Los Angeles hip hop station Power 106 on Friday, that he and Rihanna have parted ways again.