Thursday, August 30, 2012

Interview with Kechi, 1 of the 2 survivors of the Sosoliso plane crash, 6 yrs After

Before the Crash                                                                                                                             After the Crash
I saw this interview on DailyGist360 and so wanted to share it with the world. I remember that incident like yesterday, if felt like a nightmare for a long time. The thought of children screaming in fear and dying was almost too much to bear.
Fortunately, Kechi who was a student of Loyala Jesuit at the time survived the crash. 

I remember the Sosoliso plane crash. I remember my extreme homesickness adding to my devastation of the plane crash that took 109 lives from us. 60 of them had been students from Loyola Jesuit College in Abuja and out of the 60, Kechi Okwuchi was the only survivor. With burns expanding to over 60% of her body and over 75 surgeries later, Kechi's story is one of perseverance and determination. Phone interview with Kechi. .
Read the interview below:

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Bill & Giuliana Rancic welcomed son Edward Duke Rancic at 10:12 p.m.

The Rancics told said they were beyond elated and couldn't believe their journey to become parents is finally complete.

Bill cut the umbilical cord minutes after the baby was born, and Giuliana was the first to hold her son for a long while, then gave him to Bill to embrace. The new parents both fed their baby, who they say had a big appetite, and doing incredibly well and has had his first bath.

Palace supports Prince Harry over Naked pictures

For a couple of weeks now, Prince Harry has dominated newspapers, blogs and tabloid over his Butt Naked pictures  taken as he partied away in Las Vegas.  The Palace always there for their Royals has supported him fully by saying: "He didn't do anything unlawful,". "What he did was entirely his own business."

(Pictures & Video) World shortest man meets very pretty world shortest woman

Doesn't she have the loviest smile. Lovely girl.
She looks astonishingly pretty in the video. She could actually brighten your day and take away depression.
His name is Chandra Bahadur Dang. 
He's 72. He's from Nepalese and had never left his village prior to winning the title. 
He's  1ft11.6in tall
Her name is  Jyoti Amge. She's 18 and from Indian. 
She stands at only  2ft0.7in. 
She's an actress and pursuing a carrier in entertainment. 
Her hobby is travelling and has visited many countries