Monday, June 25, 2012

This is what post-baby bellies REALLY look like

This working group mothers got tired of the perfect bodies celebrity mothers show off almost immediately after childbirth which leaves women feeling intimidated and some men thinking that their wives are not working hard enough on snapping back  into shape, like it's one effortless thing. 

They decided to bare their own Post-baby bodies and prove to the world that they're proud of their bodies and by extension, give confidence to the everyday woman. 

Is this Child Protection or Abuse?

Will you call this Child Abuse or Child protection?

Willow Smith at 11 gets her tongue Pierced

Willow Smith has had her tongue pierced and posted a snap of it

Princess Kathrine (Future Queen) has to curtesy to Blood Princesses?

I saw this on Mail online and found it so interesting, I couldn't resist the temptation to share it on my blog.
I've never understood the fuss about Royals in England and this even further confuses me. Here:
Kate Curtsies
Newly updated ‘protocols’ approved by the Queen place Kate firmly down the royal pecking order, it was reported yesterday.

Federal High Court Stops President Jonathan From Renaming UNILAG

A Federal high court judge in Ikeja has restrained the Nigerian president from changing the name of the University of Lagos, a 52-year old school widely known as UNILAG.

Would you have the heart to say 'No' if your boyfriend proposes to you this way?

A guy created this lovely Sand Art for his fiancée and of course she said Yes. Who wouldn't? 

Our Nigerian guys need to learn a thing or two.