Friday, October 31, 2014

Making knee pads for your crawling baby

I picked up my baby while he was crawling and noticed that a part of his knees looked lighter, like he had light bruises on them.

That was when I started wondering what I could do to protect the tender skin on his knees against the rough carpet while he crawled. I checked a few sites and only found something on Amazon with very low reviews and high price. Aside from the fact that they were expensive, there was still the problem of how long I will have to wait to get them while my poor baby suffers knee bruises so, I put on my thinking cap and came up with these wonderful knee pads for him. 

I'll briefly explain how I made them with pictures, after the cut.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Keeping Baby's Bum Diaper Rash Free

Picture Credit: momtastic parenting. 

Diaper rash can be very painful and extremely uncomfortable for babies.  

Fortunately, it's quite easy to ensure that babies never get diaper rash at any stage with the use of good old petroleum jelly, precisely, Vaseline or Pears baby where Vaseline is not available.

Friday, October 17, 2014

How to stop babies from thumb or pacifier sucking

Some babies  learn the art of sucking from the womb and master it in the first few weeks of their lives on earth or learn to suck as soon as they are born. Sooner than later, the finger sucking becomes a habit which is usually very very hard to break. The good thing about babies that suck is that they always seem to be at peace and can easily sleep on their own without fussing. This also applies to babies that use pacifiers. The big issue, however is always how to stop them; and which is the lesser evil,  pacifier or thumb.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Keeping baby's big Afro

My cute Little One with his adorable Fro
All babies, including black babies are born with very soft and easy to manage hair but after a few days or weeks, some black babies' hair toughen up and become difficult to comb.

My Child and I

Introducing my Little speedster
Finally, I succeeded! . 

I've been trying to create a page with multiple posts but because I've been away from my blog for so long, I couldn't remember how to create it. I finally figured it out and created a page titled My Child and I

This page is going to be about the sweet experiences and the challenges mothers (and fathers too) face in the process of bringing up their little ones. It will be a place where you can seek advice, share yours, tell people what to expect, share tips on where to shop for the little darlings, parties and all other baby gists.