Thursday, July 5, 2012

Meet the woman who says she has a 9-year-old love child for Chris Okotie.

I was shocked to read this up. I didn't know weather or not to believe what this woman has to say and I'm wondering why she decided to come out barely only a few weeks after Chris Okotie announced his separation. Some people like attention sha. 

Let me know what you make of the story. 
Just when the new couple was settling to a new life, a certain Remi Odutola emerged from the blues alleging that she has a 9-year-old girl for the man of God. While her assertions beggar belief, the tall and delicately slim lady averred that she’s Reverend Chris’ secret wife. Hear her, “My name is Aderemi Odutola, a granddaughter of Ogbeni Oja of Ijebu-Ode.

The full interview when you continue. 

Apple to launch 'iPad Mini'

This is exciting news for everyone who loves and coverts the apple iPad but can't afford it. In as much as some people opt for cheaper brands like Asus, Galaxy Tab etc, I think people's first choice still remains the Ipad. 

Apple is to launch a smaller, cheaper version of its iPad tablet soon, according to sources within the Far Eastern factories that supply the technology giant. 

Nigeria Air Force Plane crashes in Benin

An aircraft used by the Nigerian Air Force crash landed on the Tarmac of the Benin Airport this afternoon.
Eyewitnesses said the crash was as a result of malfunction of the landing tyres.
The aircraft was immediately evacuated by officers of the Nigerian Airforce.
Complete gist when I have it. 
Source: ChannelsTV

Corps member gives birth at orientation camp in Katsina

Photo by a model

Shemahu Momodu, a female corp memeber from Edo state posted to Kasina has been delivered of a baby girl on the first day of registration at Katsina State orientation camp.
According to the gist, she just intended to go to the camp and register, then return home to have her baby before resuming for NYSC proper  but then, contractions started in camp and she was rushed to the camp clinic where she was delivered of the baby girl by some batch 'B' corp member who is a medical doctor. He ensured that the baby and mother were stable before referring them to the Federal Medical Centre, Kaduna. 
Thank God that Corp member knew what he was doing! I hope he will be given an award and the baby named 'Corper of the Year'. 

3 Ogun PDP chieftains sentenced to 6 months imprisonment

Justice Charles Achibong of a Federal High Court in Lagos has sentenced three chieftains of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun State to six months imprisonment for flouting a court order.

In a ruling on Wednesday, Chief Ireti Oniyide, Tunde Oladunjoye (now media aide to Agriculture Minister, Akin Adesina) and Honourable Fasiu Bakene (all claiming to be principal officers of a purported caretaker committee of the party in the state) were ordered to be remanded in prison.

14 year old boy rapes 4 year old girl and walks away free after Judge blamed his action on Internet Porn.

This is one of the saddest stories I've seen in a long ong time. I'll only say parents should be extremely careful who they leave their children with. I know kids can't be watched 24/7 but as much as possible, parents shouldn't take their eyes off them. Where possible, surveillance cameras should be installed in homes especially when they're left with baby sitters.

Please take your time to read up the story and leave a comment. It's worth every word. 

The mother of a four-year-old girl raped by a teenage babysitter has revealed the pain that has haunted her since the horrific ordeal.

Horrible! See what this 2 year old child was doing while his mom slept inside!

This 2 year old child came within inches of falling 100 feet to his death after climbing on to a high-rise flat balcony as his mother slept inside.

A passerby filed the two-year-old crawling along, and sitting on, the balcony's ledge eight storeys up, while horrified passers-by looked on.
They eventually called the police who rescued the child only to discover that his mom was sleeping right in the room! 
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Meet the 28 year old guy who had never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl because of his weight...until now.

Michael Giannulis was 28 years old, and had never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl when he embarked on his one year weight-loss challenge on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.
Weighing in at 493lbs, the Tarpon Springs, Florida native was depressed, insecure and embarrassed to meet or even talk to women.
Now boasting a trim 238lb body, Michael having shed over 245lbs from start to finish now has a girlfriend by his side.
He has been obese from childhood and his weight destroyed his self-confidence about his romantic prospects He finally reached out to Extreme Makeover's trainer Chris Powell for help and viola! this is the result. He's got a good confident weight now and finally got a girlfriend, kissed her and I bet he liked it! 
Continue to see the kiss with his girlfriend.

Kim Kadahian & Kanye West spend Independence day visiting a children's hospital

 I'm not really a fan of Kim Kadashian but there are some really sweet things she does that just can't go unnoticed. 
Anyone who spends July 4th visiting children and putting smiles on their faces is worth loving *even if temporarily* lol

See her in these lovely pictures with her Boo showing love to Children in a Los  Angeles  Hospital. Even Kanye West who always seems to be angry at the world with a permanently frowned face is full of happy and relaxed smiles. I'm really getting to like this two. 
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