Friday, August 8, 2008

The Last American Virgin

That movie!

It did make a mark on me. I remembered for a long time some of the sound tracks that were used in the movie, especially *that's the way, ahan ahan, I like it* and *I did my best, but my best wasn't good enough*

But the most important mark it made on me was the fact that when you really like a guy, he treats you like shit. I made up my mind never to love a guy the way the heroine loved her boyfriend, who treated her like shit, got her pregnant and dumped her. I remember the other really nice guy who loved her, picked her up, cleaned her up, got her unpregnant, stole and sold his parents things just to make her happy, yet, she went back to the bad guy. I thought and still think she was really silly.

It was good for me though, I stayed away from the bad guys, and sex was a no go area. I always remembered how the abortion was performed and it scared the shit out of me. I definitely didn't want to get into that kind of situation, so, I simply stayed away from boys.
Part of being a late bloomer huh... you can say that again.

Late Bloomer

I am a late bloomer!

I started school pretty late which meant I had to forgo nursery school and just went straight to Primary School when I was about 4. I got to puberty stage pretty late, I mean, I started having my period when I was about 16 and started budding breasts when I was about 14!

I gained admission into the university when the people that I left secondary school were already in 200 level and I didn't know a lot of things my mates knew back in those days.

I remember when I was about 14 and in secondary school, the 'big girls' in class would hang together and talk in hush voices, I used to be quite curious and ask what they were talking about, they'd say 'you won't understand'.

I used to be quite angry then, but I think back, I probably wouldn't have understood their little gossips or talks about boyfriends after all.

What about boyfriends, lol! I had my first 'boyfriend when I was 16, but wait a minute, it's not what you think, we lived in different cities and the only thing that made him my boyfriend was that we exchanged letters often. I mean we never even held hands how much more kissed.
I smile today when I remember.

My first kiss, yes, that one, really funny huh, I had it when I was already 18!. I'd looked forward to it but I didn't want to do it, I felt it was too early, I was too young, kisses were wrong, kisses were sinful, they signified commitment. But at 18, I felt I was grown up enough to have a kiss and I had a kiss. I felt elated, I felt like I'd done something only 'big girls' could do. When I remember now, it makes me laugh.

OK, now, this is silly, but I remember the kids in my neighbourhood *who were more than 5 years younger than me* used to talk about porn movies, I never had the nerves to watch them. I thought they were too grown up for kids and only 19 year olds and above should see things like that ( I wonder where I got the idea of the age, lol). I looked forward to my 19th birthday so I could watch a 'grown up' movie, and guess what I eventually watched? 'Last American Virgin!' After seeing that movie, I felt like I knew every thing there could be about sex, about boys and girls. It's funny, I was disappointed at the end of the movie.

I'll talk about that movie and the late blooming some other time, right now, I've got to go.