Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pictures of Colorado Cinema Shooter, James Holmes' first appearance in court

Holmes dyed his hair to appear like Batman's nemesis The Joker
 This guy is just delusional! can you believe him, he dyed his hair bright orange to look like the joker (Batman nemesis  in the movie). Fortunately, Prosecutors are considering death penalty but will consult with the victims' family members while legal experts speculate that the Mugshot will likely pursue insanity defence. How convenient! For once, I agree with the idea, that says 'suffer not the witch to live!'

 Meanwhile, there was this really brave guy,  Alex Teves, just 24, who died saving the life of his girlfriend after the gunfire erupted in the cinema. He threw his body over her and used his body to shield her from the gun shots. He ended up dying instead. His girlfriend  Amanda Lindgren was in the court crying her eyes out. 
Venronica Moser, Youngest Victim
a memorial for the victims across the street from the movie theater

  • He was already acting mad in prison. He spat on the floor and said he thought he was acting in a movie. I really hope it doesn't come to that. 

  • Holmes in court with his public defender, Tamara Brady  


    1. he does look crazy, but the insanity plea is used to get outta lot of crap.

    2. Sometimes, the death penalty is too mild! People like this should die a gruesome death and be made to watch his own death for days.

    3. This guy is nothing but a coward! If he plays the insanity plea, I don't see him succeeding.

    4. May this man rot in hell! See that little girl, how could he try to live with himself knowing what he did to that little 10 year old? Terrible dark soul

    5. The look on his face says it abeg! he is crazy! but now thats thing....if they succeed with the insanity plea, he'll just go to a mental institution. Alot of people wont want that, then again...we're Christians...so honestly....i wouldnt say a mental home him, nope! i'd say a long jail term (not death) and mental treatment while in there. I won't say death but they guy needs to do some serious time abeg!