Sunday, September 2, 2012

Do I marry her or walk away now after 4 years of courtship?

Hi Yimiton, I'm a faithful reader of your blog but hardly leave comments as I'm quite a busy person. 

I do have a serious problem though and I'll need some candid advice from some matured minded people. Please publish this on your blog. 
I have been dating a lady for 4 years and I love her deeply. She's the epitome of a good wife, very pretty, well educated with a great job. She also loves my family and respects me deeply. I'm thinking it's high time I asked her to be my wife and walk her to the isle but for this little problem.....she's a drunk. She drinks a lot without restrictions.

Picture of the day

Na wa oooo. If this were your husband, father or brother, what will you do? 

Some women don suffer sha.