Friday, April 12, 2013

Picture of Kelly Rowland without make up

I beg, Kelly Rowland is the finest of the members of the Destiny's child jor.
See picture without make-up after the cut.

Chaz B is back on air from Monday, April 15th

Chaz B promised he'll be back on radio this April with his very popular program, 'sharing life issues with Chaz B' and it appears he has kept to his promise. He'll be re-launching the program on 93.7 FM on Monday, April 15th and intends to broadcast the program nationwide.

Read his facebook message announcing it after the cut.

Gangnam Style Crooner, Psy releases new single 'Gentleman' with the refrain 'I am a party mafia!' Listen to it here

I heard the gist on CNN earlier today that Pyc who came to limelight through his very successful song, gangnam style has released another single titled 'gentleman' just last night. All I could say was wow! so Psy has become world news heh. 

Kenny Ogungbe 'too old' to drag issues with 2face

I'm glad Kenny Ogungbe has finally realized that he's no longer so young afterall. The guy used to really piss me off on his PrimTime show because of his very childish behavior.

According to gists, even though we all thought 2face and Kenny Ogungbe's music label, Kennis Music, parted ways amicably back in 2004, it might not be as we thought.

When asked by an Encomium reporter why he didn't attend 2face Idibia's Dubai wedding, Mr Ogungbe replied:
"I don't think it is something you should ask me. Go and ask 2face why Primetime and Kennis Music were not in attendance. I am too old to start joining issues with people"

Kris Humphries demands $7 mil from Kim Kardashian to walk away

I know you'll say I said I don't like Kim, yet I seem to always talk about her. Well, she always seems to be in my face. lol.

But seriously, this Kris is a thief. He's demanding for $7 mil to walk away but Kim is unwilling to give him a penny. Inshort, she's now demanding that he pay her attorney's fees. 

Spotted: Kim shows off her pregnancy figure in a sheer top

It's not like a I really like Kim. To be truthful, I don't care about her but I marvel at the fact that she  manages to catch people's attention with her outrageous behavior.

Pregnant Kim Kadarshian shows off nipples

model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
I love going braless, I believe most women do too but seriously, is it ok to go braless in public with your nipples pointing out like they're going to cut through your top?

What's your take on this braless business? If it were a competition, who would you say won the nipples show off? Kim or model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?

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