Friday, August 24, 2012

David Bekham rumoured to have had an affair with Singer Katherine Jenkins?

Katherine Jenkins
I beg, who's she? I absolutely didn't even know about the rumour until she 'absolutely' denied it. I didn't even know her.
Some people think she reacted so vehemently to draw attention to herself

Aggrieved sacked worker shoots boss dead and shoots passers-by outside empire state building

 Former boss, Ercolino, shot three times in the head
Wow, this sounds like something you'll see in an action movie but hey, this actually happened outside the Empire Building

According to Mailonline:
A disgruntled employee returned to his former workplace and fatally shot his ex-boss three times in the head, sparking early-morning chaos and multiple other injuries near the Empire State Building.

Jim Iyke apologises to Linda Ikeji for wrongfully accusing her!

Hehehehehehe, how come everyone just assumes Linda Ikeji is the culprit once a star is talked about in a blog.

Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke, has finally apologised to blogger, Linda Ikeji, days after a tweet fight began when he accused Ikeji of publishing an image of him eating roasted corn in Amsterdam, Holland.

Although this will be the second time in three months that the former model and blogger will be coming under attack from a celebrity as a result of stories published on her blog, thankfully, this time she seems innocent.

Harvard-educated Nigerian woman accused of ‘effectively stealing’ from the British taxpayer for giving birth in the UK and running away without paying after incurring a bill of £10,000

According to Mailonline: A Heavily-pregnant woman flew from her home in Nigeria to take advantage of the NHS by having her baby in Britain. She had £10,000 of treatment but is understood to have returned to Nigeria with her baby without paying a penny. The woman travelled 3,200 miles from Lagos to Manchester because she was worried about the standard of care in her own country and thought she would be in safer hands.

Oh my gosh! Kanye West Tweets that he just fu**ed Kim so hard!

I find this very difficult and disturbing to believe! Just when we're just coming out of the shock of Kanye West calling his lady a bitch, he's done it again by allegedly tweeting that he just fucked her real hard. I mean, what sort of man says that about his girl?
I hear he quickly removed it almost immediately he tweeted it but within those short seconds, some of his followers had already saved it!

I really hope his account was hacked and used by some wicked, twisted minded people otherwise, I'll say, 'Kim, please run!, run for your dear life!. Your man thinks you're nothing but a piece of dildo. *sorry kim, the truth hurts*