Monday, August 11, 2008

How are babies made?


When I remember a heated argument I had with my cousins when I was about 13, I wonder just how ignorant I was as a growing child.

The argument was simply, 'how are babies made?'
In my own opinion, mom and dad or a man and woman who are committed to each other lie on a bed, pray that they have a baby and go straight to sleep. When they wake up, lo and behold, the baby is in the female's womb and she has the baby in nine months time.

I stuck with this opinion because I couldn't imagine my dad or mom whom I respected very much being naked and doing stuff. I thought it was insulting on my parents for anyone to even imagine my dad could ever stand naked in the presence of anyone; including my mom and vice versa.

My cousins reasoned with me, argued, showed me text books on procreation but I just simply insisted that for the fact that the word 'sex' wasn't used in any of the texts, it's simply not possible.

Today, when I remember that, I wonder what they would have been thinking about me; stupid, I guess isn't even good enough to describe it.