Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Happy Children's Day to Every Child!

When I was a child, 2 things made Children’s day extra special for me. One of them was ice cream while the other was the Match Pass in the public field.

Children’s day was the only day in the whole year that I could have an ice cream. I still remember how it felt, in short; I can practically taste the sweet melting feeling of the ice cream in my mouth as I type. It used to be in a blue and white paper wrap with a stick stuck in it that we held while we happily licked on the ice cream. Christ, it was glorious.
Happy Children's day to my Dear Son. (Lil Mummy, this is for you..)

The second thing I looked forward to was the match pass in the public field. I remember lots of kids from over 20 different schools in the Local Government Area, coming together on this field. There used to be a beehive of kids with their smart uniforms and white socks, all in different clusters, talking excitedly, some of them practicing their ‘salutes’ before the big match pass, while others ran around the field excitedly. It used to be such a big deal to match past the salutation area proudly waving our school flags.  

Another event I enjoyed was the traditional dances. Little girls with their 2 piece wrappers, one to cover their chests (even though, their chests were mostly flat) and the bigger one for their waists. Beads were used to adorn their hair and waists and they’ll dance so beautifully, you could almost be certain of standing ovations. Sometimes, a child's top wrapper would slip off her chest and she'll scramble for it quickly to cover 'her decency'. 

I could never make it into the dance group but the match pass was my thing and that always made children's day celebration special for me. 

Today, I am a mother to a 15 month old sweet little munchkin and I wonder what parents can do today to make Children’s day truly special; that will leave them with beautiful memories.

As we say ‘Happy Children’s Day’ to our little ones, Mums (and Dads too) please share your sweet children's day memories and drop your ideas on how to make it equally fun for the child of today...and enjoy being a parent!   

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