Friday, June 8, 2012

Pictures of the day

Possible ACN-CPC Merger.

Tinubu, Buhari, Gov Fayemi and Ibikunle Amosun in Kaduna discussing possible merger and strategizing on how to oust PDP out of power in 2015.

Update: 10 persons confirmed dead in the Boko Haram suicide bomb attack, Maiduguri.

At least ten people were killed and over a dozen injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up at the Borno state Police commnad headquarters in Maiduguri, as earlier reported HERE today.

A question for a question. Lol

Pls Daddy, can you give your son an answer? He's waiting.

Is D'banj for real? See his tweet!

Wao, Oliver Twist on Eastenders!

D'banj has definitely gone very far. This one is more than a befitting pre-birthday present.

Congrats man, we're proud of you.

It's been 14 years since Gen. Sani Abacha Died.

I still remember the jubilation that followed the announcement of Abacha's demise exactly 14 years ago.

Today, I ask myself, was Abacha really Nigeria's biggest problem?
Was he more corrupt than our current civilian leaders?
Is Nigeria actually any better without him in power?

Questions to ponder upon.

Weird Identical Twins with identical injuries

Twins and their weird ways.
Danielle (right) and Kelsey have identical injuries 
Ten-year-olds Kelsey and Danielle Taylor broke the same bone in their left arms at the same time of day, exactly one week apart.

Student expelled for putting Testicles in a teacher's Tea

Talk about students and pranks on seniors and teachers!

A student from Benfield School in Newcastle Upon Tyne has been expelled for putting his testicles in a teacher’s mug and posting a photograph of the prank on the internet. The student dangled his testicles in a teacher's mug.

Ouch! Kissing is More hygienic and healthier than shaking hands!

Hey, I just read this up on and I found it totally intriguing. How on earth will anybody ever guess hands shake could be that unhygienic. Next time, think twice before extending your hands for that handshake.

Boko Haram Suicide Bomber attacks Police Headquarters In Maiduguri

A suicide bomber struck the police headquarters in Maiduguri around mid day today. Eyewitness told

Threesome.., huh???

What Green Horn I was!

I had never heard about the threesome until very recently. I mean, I didn't even know such things existed how much more happen. Ironically, I think I was invited to join in a threesome when I was about 21 and didn't get the message.

Dog Rescues Abandoned Child in Ghana

 A dog owner in Ghana got worried when her pet when it didn't arrive home in the evening. She organized a search party and they went hunting for her dog. They searched all night long and finally located him under the bridge near a farm. It was a huge surprise to see him curled around a new born baby watching him protectively.