Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mom made sex tape with her 16 year old son! She is jailed for 4 years

Wonders shall never end oh. What is wrong with people? 

This 32 year old woman Mistie Rebecca Atkinson was sentenced to 4 years in prison. She was found in a California Motel room with her 16 year old son, who had recorded his mother giving him oral sex on his phone. It was also discovered that she had sent him nude pictures. 

She hadn't had any contacts with her son for 15 years as he was living with his father but was aware that the woman was his mother. His mom didn't have custody rights to him. 

She started contacting him via Facebook and sent him nude pictures and inappropriate messages.   

Meet the World Ugliest Dog, 2012. Interesting Picture

Eight-year-old 'Mugly' from the U.K. wins World's Ugliest Dog competition

A Chinese Crested's short snout, beady eyes and white whiskers earned the title of World's Ugliest Dog at the annual contest in Northern California on Friday.

Competing for fame, $1,000 and a year's worth of dog cookies, Mugly won the honour by beating out 28 other ugly dogs from around the world.

Lol, what a competition.   

Cult Clash in Calabar leaves 6 dead and 93 arrested.

AT least six persons  were feared dead in a clash between two cult groups in Cross River State just as the officers and men of the 13 Brigade of the Nigerian Army, Calabar have arrested over 93 people suspected to be cult members terrorizing Calabar.

Jennifer Lopez looks really sexy at the 2012 Pop Music Festival

JeLo is definitely y one of the sexiest women to ever enter the world of music! 

She appeared  2012 Pop Festival in Brazil wearing long white feathered train which she teamed with a feathery hat. Once she was safely on the ground, she stripped off her feathered outfit and revealed her sparkly catsuit.

She does look really nice with a great body for a woman of 42.