Friday, June 29, 2012

Is Goldie really sick, Love Sick or just seeking Prezzo's attention?

Whilst everyone around her woke up with a spring in their step, Goldie had a miserable start to her day.
she moped about and lay on the couch after attempting but failing to eat her breakfast. Keagan and the girls tried their best to make her feel better, to no avail.

The last time Goldie was ill, she and Prezzo had broken up. When Prezzo told her it was over, the Nigerian hottie cried hysterically and even threw up. By the looks of things, her relationship with the Kenyan Masai warrior has ended. We doubtshe is lovesick this time!

Please tell me, do you think Goldie was really sick, love sick or just simply seeking Pezzo's Attention. 

1 comment:

  1. hottie? puleeeez!! she is so ugly i wonder how she would have looked if she wuz dark!