Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Save Debbie Osarere From Breast Cancer (Video interview)

Her name is Debbie Idiagbonya Osarere, who is diagnosed with non-malignant lump in her breast. Debbie worked as a medical lab technician up until her medical condition had her bedridden.

The 28-year old, who had undergone two surgeries in 2011, needs N6m to go for a final operation.

Friends say Debbie needs mastectomy to remove her breasts completely, another surgery for arrangement of spinal cord and another for replacement of breasts

Donations can be made to: Idiagbonya Osarere, Acct no 0000216933, Access bank.

Debie has one month to live, she needs to do the operations immediately. Let's save Debie's life

Please let's all join hands together to save this girl. Our N1k here and there will go a long way to help.
This is the time to act. She needs our prayers, but she also needs our financial assistance.

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