Friday, June 22, 2012

This Nigerian Killed 19 year old Ghanian Girlfriend & threw her body in his neighbour's compound.

Nathaniel Udama
Was he actually thinking he wasn't going to get caught?!

26 year old Nathaniel Udama Adu is an unemployed Nigerian living in Ghana. He was dating 19 year old SHS leave, Matilda Asante and has now been accused of killing her. 

See what Daily Guide Ghana has to say: 
Warning: Disturbing picture of the dead body if you continue. Please don't click if you don't have the stomach for it. 
Detectives from the station were dispatched immediately after information got to the station at about 7:45am on Monday, June 18, 2012 that a dead body had been found at Tantra Hills.

The Mile 7 Police District Commander, DSP Peter Yembila, told DAILY GUIDE that when the police got to the scene, an uncompleted house, the body of a young female of about 19 years was found lying in a supine position covered with a bed sheet, while her legs and neck were tied.

When police tried to remove the cover, they detected that a black polythene bag had been used to cover her head before tying it to her neck, which was broken.

The police suspected that the victim might have been killed in a nearby house and later dumped in the deserted uncompleted structure.

They therefore went into the adjoining house and met one Nigerian by name Collins Uka, who said he rented the house and lived there with his younger brother, who joined him from Nigeria in November 2011.

As police moved from one room to the other, they found a pillow-case which matched the bed sheet that covered the deceased.

Uka disclosed that it was his younger brother’s room, adding that the brother was at an internet café browsing.

The police personnel proceeded to the said café and arrested the suspect who identified and confirmed his relationship with the deceased but said the last time he saw her was in April.

Suspect Udama said he however communicated with the deceased on phone and the last conversation they had was on June 11, 2012.

Nathaniel had since been kept in police custody while investigation into the matter continues.


  1. This is so wicked. What could the woman have done to him. See his very black face. I hope he dies in Ghanian prison if he's found guilty

  2. look at his killer eyes. mtcheeeeeew

  3. Must Nigerians always give themselves bad names everywhere they go? what could have warranted this? this is not necessary. I wonder what he was even doing in Ghana. I must go abroad.