Friday, June 22, 2012

A clerk stole £170,000 from her boss for lavish dream wedding!

Kirsty Lane, with husband Graham
 Wow, this woman has mind oh,  that is over N42 million! 

She gave jewel-encrusted iPods to Bridesmaids, free bar for all guests and hired a harpist to greet guest as well as got an award-winning chef to do the catering and booked her honeymoon in Mexico. 

29-year-old  part-time accounts clerk Kirsty Lane nearly ruined the company she was working in just for a lavish wedding. 
The mumu woman invited her boss and colleagues for the wedding and the guy became suspicious when he saw the amount of money that was being lavished at the wedding. 

Money can't buy class, bizarre clothes
I mean, the couple had personalized fireworks that featured their initials illuminated at the centrepiece! They left in a limousine for a 'minimoon' before the real honeymoon which was supposed to be in Mexico. 

Her colleagues were really surprised being that they knew that she wasn't particularly rich. They started digging when they got to the office and discovered that she'd stolen so much by making false invoices and paying them into her account. The company was almost ruined. 

Of course, she was arrested before having the opportunity to jet off to Mexico.

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  1. Show off! this is what it turns people into. What exactly does she want to show to the world that people have not seen. This serves her right.