Friday, June 8, 2012

Dog Rescues Abandoned Child in Ghana

 A dog owner in Ghana got worried when her pet when it didn't arrive home in the evening. She organized a search party and they went hunting for her dog. They searched all night long and finally located him under the bridge near a farm. It was a huge surprise to see him curled around a new born baby watching him protectively.

The baby is fine except that his umbilical cord which hadn't been cut got infected. He's currently with a local health directorate.   

Oh My! Animals can sometimes be so so sweet and helpful. I wonder what his parents were thinking, they were probably some teenagers who got scared of the responsibility.

God bless that dog, it's a hero!.

Source: Yahoo News.


  1. Sometimes when my baby is ooutside in his walker, my rotweiller as big as it is runs across him, used its big body to prevent him from crashing into a wall. I tell you, they are truly man's best friend-Hello Ona

  2. Hey Tunde how have you been? isn't that just a wonderful thing. Indeed, dogs are great human frnds.