Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Student holds her own funeral while she is still alive so she 'could enjoy it'

A CHINESE student has stunned family and friends by holding her own funeral while she's alive to see 'what people think of her' and to 'enjoy it'.

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Zeng Jia paid for a full service along with flowers, photographers that was attended by mourners who walked past her while she was in a coffin
The 22-year-old spent an hour lying in the casket with a Hello Kitty doll on her chest before getting up to join in at her own wake.
 Zeng said: "It struck me that people spend all that time and effort on someone when they are gone and they cannot appreciate it.
Zeng, giving a speech at her wake
"I wanted to see what people would think of me so I decided to hold my funeral while I could enjoy it."
She hired a team of cosmetic artists who specialise in making the dead look more lifelike to make her body look more convincing.
Mourners holding hands at the event
She added: "Experiencing death has made me appreciate life more keenly."


  1. Madeness. I hope she can't wait to try the real thing.

  2. She for tell them to bury her too now. Why do it half way?

  3. Mcheeeew. Joblessness