Thursday, July 5, 2012

Horrible! See what this 2 year old child was doing while his mom slept inside!

This 2 year old child came within inches of falling 100 feet to his death after climbing on to a high-rise flat balcony as his mother slept inside.

A passerby filed the two-year-old crawling along, and sitting on, the balcony's ledge eight storeys up, while horrified passers-by looked on.
They eventually called the police who rescued the child only to discover that his mom was sleeping right in the room! 
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 My Dear Readers, if this had happened in Nigeria and (God forbid) bad thing had happened, how on earth will his mom explain to her husband and family?


  1. OMG! this could have ended terribly.
    Gosh! How could she have forgiven herself?

  2. God will continue to help mother ooo, children these days are so hyperactive that dey do things we cant imagine from them.