Thursday, July 5, 2012

Meet the 28 year old guy who had never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl because of his weight...until now.

Michael Giannulis was 28 years old, and had never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl when he embarked on his one year weight-loss challenge on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.
Weighing in at 493lbs, the Tarpon Springs, Florida native was depressed, insecure and embarrassed to meet or even talk to women.
Now boasting a trim 238lb body, Michael having shed over 245lbs from start to finish now has a girlfriend by his side.
He has been obese from childhood and his weight destroyed his self-confidence about his romantic prospects He finally reached out to Extreme Makeover's trainer Chris Powell for help and viola! this is the result. He's got a good confident weight now and finally got a girlfriend, kissed her and I bet he liked it! 
Continue to see the kiss with his girlfriend.

First girlfriend: Megan (right) became Michael's supportive first-time girlfriend as he inched towards his weight-loss months
Finally experiences the joy of kissing a women for the first time. *Guess he can't wait for the bedroom action* wink wink
Success: Michael reached his goal, weighing in at 238lbs. He eventually met Megan, who became his supporting rock and first-time girlfriend, as he inched towards his final stretch
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  1. really happy for him o, sometimes we take being healthy and fit for granted.