Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stephanie Henshaw Takes to Facebook to express pain, anguish and hurt she feels @ the break up with Chris Okotie.

Stephanie Henshaw
Reading her wall on face book just made me really feel sad for her....and to imagine that everyone just assumed that she quite the marriage with some saying they're quite sure Chris Okotie is impotent and she couldn't cope. This is just another lesson taught to us that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

My heart goes out to her and pray that she truly finds happiness if all she's said is true.

Continue to see Her story as it appears on Facebook

  • Gods faithful help and love is always present in times of trouble,when we face trials, the lord will quiet our hearts and give us confidence.
     · Yesterday at 2:53pm · 
  • Have mercy on me,o God,have mercy!I look to you for protection.I will hide beneath the shadow of your wing untill the danger passes by.
     · Yesterday at 2:48pm · 
  • Today makes it three weeks i was asked for a seperation,and a week and four days i packed out.Romans 8:28 ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER,FOR THE GOOD OF THOSE WHO LOVE GOD AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE FOR THEM.im as shocked as most people, as there has not been an argument in my home in the over a year,we have been as happy as everybody thought we were.I wait, because i know in time GOD will make known what has gone wrong.
     · Sunday at 11:03am · 
  • Jesus died for me, i live for him.
     · Saturday at 11:33pm · 
  • Great is your faithfulness,lord unto me
     · Saturday at 12:54pm · 
  • Lies, not from the world but the church,accusations not from the world, but the church,where are the spiritfilled christians,the ones who fear and hear the lord.my husband loves and adores me,he is not the one saying these things,the enemies from within,who hate me,they hate the grace GOD SHOWED ME.they hate the mecy GOD HAS HAD ON ME,so they come up wt all kinds of lies,my going can bring one mrs...See More
     · June 29 at 10:01am · 
  • i submitted to the end,i did all i was asked to do,lord i left that home blameless before u,i have loved,but have not been loved,i have given and not received but that is contrary to yr word lord so today i ask yr word be made manifest in my life
     · June 29 at 12:12am · 
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      • Iniobong Jackson 
        Adie, you may have done your best, but the future is more important than the past. So just look forward. Stay blessed. I thank you for the courage to speak out through this medium, because just like many people, I have been curious and surp...See More
  • twenty years i have known a man,fifteen years we have been the closest friends,i prepared all his meals for ten years including the four years we were married,the day i was asked to leave i prepared his meal,served it and i left,for the four years he never fell ill,but today i am called all sorts of names,witch,mermaid spirit.i have served JESUS with clean hands and a clean heart,i have loved all that have come my way,and if i dont live through this pain and hurt,as sure as jesus lives my children will see my vindication.
     · June 28 at 11:39pm · 
      • Cynthia Henshaw. My Sister, As Sure As Jesus Lives, As Long As Jehovah Is God, You Will Live And You Will Be Vindicated, You And I Are In This Together, I Know You But Jehovah God Knows It All. It Is Well. Never Forget The Song, "It Is Well With My Soul" Our Beloved Grandma's Favourite Song.
      • Kokoeyen Ikpeme My dear friend and sister, I read this with tears and pain in my heart . I was there when it all started , I know hw much u ardore that man , you have a heart of love not only for him but people around u. The Lord is your refuge and your fortress : he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence in Jesus name Amen.
  • Vindicate me lord,all things are open before u,righteous jugde,i remain still,speak on my behalf.
     · June 28 at 10:40am · 
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      • Oluchi Edith he will definitely speak on ur behalf cos whatever happens just cast ur trust on God,the author and finisher of all things,he alone is a just God and will preside over all mortals
      • Oluchi Edith he will definitely speak on ur behalf cos whatever happens just cast ur trust on God,the author and finisher of all things,he alone is a just God and will preside over all mortals
  • THE LORD is my refuge,my place of safety,he is my GOD and i trust him
     · June 28 at 10:19am · 

Click HERE to visit her wall page on Facebook.

I hope Chris Okotie someday comes out to say his own side.

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