Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Could this be true? Teacher caught having sex with a student in class

I find things like this so disgusting that I'll rather not believe them no matter what evidence I have in front of me. Someone called my attention to it this morning and sent me the URL of the site he found it. I was reluctant to have it here at first but after much consideration, thought it will be better for us to face the reality (if that's what it is) and be informed on the terrible things that happen out there. Maybe, it will in some way help us to bring up our children to be better people. 

Click for the pic.


  1. Just goes to show how low moral values have gotten in this country of ours! SAD! I'm no saint and I know people would be at the teacher but i believe both of them should be in trouble and not just one!

  2. It looks fishy to me, just saying. The supposed teacher appears to be fully dressed....

  3. Its terrible!!!