Monday, June 11, 2012

Question of the Day: Should Nigerians be allowed to carry guns?

Should Government allow citizens to acquire and hold arms to defend themselves in Nigeria?

I was reading about some armed robbery attack in Zamfara that claimed 23 lives. Click here to read the story. This makes me wonder at the high rate of insecurity in Nigeria. Most people who can afford it provide security for themselves while those who can't are left to their own fate. Today, it's almost suicidal for a foreigner to walk around in Nigeria without security personnel accompanying him and it's not particularly safe even for Nigerians.

This takes my mind to the Super Eagles's mid fielder, Christian Obodo; click for the story who was recently kidnapped and thankfully escaped in good time. I was taken aback when I read up that the Nigerian police wondered why he didn't let them know he was in town so that he could be provided 'adequate security' I've heard so many stories of people's parents, grand parents, husbands and children being kidnapped, surely, the police cannot provide these people the adequate security the need. The story of little Akilo's kidnapped at gun point in the presence of her parents is still very fresh on our minds.

With all these insecurities in the country, my question is: Should we be allowed to carry guns in self defence?

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  1. which kain gun? i dont think we have the discipline to acquire or even use them right. first the licencing officers will just be giving people anyhow.