Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria disqualified over false age, first runner up represents Nigeria in the Miss World Competition


I'd always wondered how Isabella Ayuk could convince the judges of MGB Nigeria that she was only 25. Just one look at her pictures and I knew she was definitely not young enough to compete, so I wasn't surprised when I heard she had been disqualified over falsified age.

1st runner up, Damiete Charles Granville will be representing Nigeria at the Miss World contest in China. In my own opinion, I sure do think that Miss Damiete stands a better chance. She's pretty, intelligent, already has the looks and young enough.

Silverbird said Ayuk will represent Nigeria at the Miss Universe Competition, this I don't understand.

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  1. I read on Linda Ikeji that it's not about the age oh. Where you for get your own gist sef? mcheew unverified.