Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Boyfriend stabbed ex-girlfriend 50 times for dumping him

Killer: Alan Daulby
 Na waoh, is it by force to remain in a relationship? Why can't some people just let go? 

26 year old Alan Daulby killed his 20 year old ex-girlfriend after she ended their relationship by knifing her in the head, neck, chest, arms and legs with a kitchen knife. 

Afterwards, he spent 3 hours meticulously cleaning up the murder scene in his apartment, wrapped her body in plastic sheeting and hid it under the sofa then, burnt the knife he used to kill her and her belongings and ran away. But of course, he was chased by the police and caught. 

Avril Flanagan (Centre)

A week before he finally killed her, he had been stalking the lady. He'd called her so many times that she got angry and  broke her sim then begged him to stop stalking her.

He's been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

I hope he spends all that time in prison!


  1. Maaadnesss! Maybe that was what she saw that she even dumped the man sef.

  2. Biola says: Why did the girl break up with him before? This man own don finish sha. It could be that he has a mental problem, they need to check him properly.

  3. Haba! The heart of men is desperately wicked. This is a case of 'if I can't have you, nobody else will' and he even tried to destroy the evidence! This man should be shot.

  4. Chai, see wickedness oh. This man should stay in prison forever.

  5. Poor girl. Seriously, is it by force to date? All these over active young men. She would have reported the matter to the police when the idiot started stalking her.
    This is a lesson to ladies, once a guy is stalking you, file a report immediately.

  6. @Sege, you spoke my mind! But you're violent sha, maybe they shouldn't add the hanging bit but he should really be punished.

  7. Whites can look older than their age sha. May her soul rest in peace and may the guy die in jail.