Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lynxx says he's never been turned down by a lady...his game was too much.

Lynxx definitely knows the kinda woman that finds him attractive. He revealed in a recent  interview that he has NEVER been turned down by a lady.
Have you ever been turned down by a lady?
Lynxxx: No

Even in your Kings College days?
I have never been turned down because I always make sure there is green light first. And my game was too much then. Now I don't even have time to be chasing women. I am just focused on my music.

On marriage
I am trying to settle down as I am getting older. It is only right you settle down because when you are exposed to this kind of attention, it's very easy to go off track. And you don't know if the women want you for who you are or for your money or for your fame or to destroy you.
You are a target once you are famous. So you have to be very smart and don't get exposed in a negative

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