Saturday, March 30, 2013

Uti Nwachukwu talks about his expectation from his ideal woman

 I hope his current girlfirend (click HERE to see picture of her) meets his expectations.

“I am an extremely jealous guy but I am praying to God to make me less jealous and less possessive. I believe that if you find somebody that’s for you, that person should be for you only. I’m a bit extreme because my lover must focus on only me. Now that’s a bit difficult and that’s why I say I am a very difficult person to be with. Perhaps, I’m very demanding when it comes to relationships."

Uti in his teenage days
"Apart from being a jealous lover I also expect you to give back to me what I am giving you. I expect 100 per cent attention and care and nothing less. So, it’s going to be hard but I know God gave me this standard in order to connect me with the exact person he has created for me.”


  1. Who cares. This guy is so stuck up and so hungry for publicity that everything about him piss me off.