Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Uche Jombo's American Husband Talks About His Long Distance Marriage To Uche

Uche Jombo's husband,  Kenney Rodriguez seems to be a really sweet and loving man.

The things he likes about Uche:
My wife is beautiful, gorgeous, loving, caring, amiable and a good cook. Her smiles keep me going and I’m always happy whenever she is around me.

How long did it take him to get Uche to become his wife:
(Laugh) It was really fun because we got to know each other through a friend who happens to be a business partner but it took some few months and persuasion before she finally agreed to marry me because I told her point blank that I want to marry her and all. She paused and never said anything. Then there was this time we both went on jet skiing, one thing led to another and she said she was going to kill me because it took a little distance before we could get to the boat; so I told her if you want to kill me then marry me because that will make it a bit easier and the rest is history now.

On considering himself lucky to have been married to an actress:
Uche is not just an actress, she doubles as my better half, I don’t want to use the word lucky because we both liked and loved each other and also saw that we could strengthen our affair so we got married which we both are happy about. Let me just say we are both lucky to have each other.

When she acts some nasty roles in movie:
I understand her profession before we got married so if a role demands her to go nasty; it now lies in her hand to choose whether to pick up the role or not after reading through the script. I know her for something that she is usually selective when it comes to movie roles and that is why you see her go extra miles in her own personal efforts. I know she understand the roles that is suitable for her.

Coping with long distance marriage:
I don’t consider it long distance because whenever she has nothing doing as regards film production in Nigeria; she is definitely with me.

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