Friday, August 17, 2012

‘Pregnant man’ Thomas Beatie files for divorce

Thomas Beatie, born a woman, underwent a sex-change operation but kept his reproductive organs. He made headlines in 2007 after pictures of his pregnant belly became public.

Now, the “pregnant man” may soon be a male single mother.

Thomas Beatie, a transgender man who bore three children, is filing for divorce from his wife Nancy.

He was born as a woman in Hawaii and had a sex change before getting married in 2003, though he still has female reproductive organs.

He bore three of the couple’s children because his wife was infertile, and made headlines when photos of him with a beard and a pregnant belly were made public.

Hawaii recognizes Beatie, 37, as a man. But Arizona, where he lives now, does not because he still had female organs when he wed Nancy. The state does not allow same-sex marriage.

Yimiton's question: How can you  claim to be a man when you still have female reproductive organ? My dear readers, is this being an man or a woman?

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