Thursday, June 21, 2012

I need some attention! (Real life experience of a 7 year old)

OK Guys, I wrote this a long time ago and just re read it. It made me laugh so had, I really wanted to share it. It's a real life childhood experience. 

Since I remembered this incident, I've practically be giggling.
When I was a kid of about 7, I felt I was not special. This was because every other person in the house always seemed to have one reason or anther to be treated specially. I was jealous of my immediate elder sister because she was ill once and she was given so much attention, I was green with envy. She travelled, got a lot of gifts and had so many other treats. 

My younger brother too had a home accident while we were playing. He was also treated 'special' he was taken to the nearest city, to one of the best hospitals in the state for treatment. He returned with toys. There was one particular toy I was very jealous of; it was a toy train. I couldn't imagine how lucky he was, I so wanted a toy train of my own, to make matters worse, he wouldn't even play toy train with me, he'll rather hang out with boys his age and play with them.

So, I started wishing, hoping and praying that I either fall ill or simply have an accident! It was that bad, I needed some attention too. 

One day, what seemed to be like a granted prayer happened, I actually had an accident! A rusted nail pierced my foot. I was too excited to cry, even while the blood flowed out. Oh my gosh! I was going on a trip too, I'll get lots of gifts, I was already dreaming of toy trains, dolls and so many toys I definitely wasn't going to share with my younger brother. 

My dad was sent for and while I was expecting the treats, he started by scolding me for playing in the wrong places. To make matters worse, one of our neighbours confirmed that I was found of playing and running around where I had no business . My dad was mad at me and I was taken to a local chemist for first aid and later taken to the local hospital for Anti Tetanus Injections and proper treatment. I was waiting to hear the magic word that I was being referred to the city where I will spend a few days and every thing I ever wished for will be granted. Unfortunately for me, that was never the case. All I had were very painful doses of injections and bitter pills to swallow in the local hospital!

I learnt my lesson then and even now as I write this and remember that day, I can't help but laugh. What some kids will do for attention. 

Please do leave your most memorable childhood event story in the comment box. Don't spoil the fun oh. 


  1. When I was a kid, I had a dream and then when I woke up in the morning I told my elder sister, "we were playing in my dream don't you remember?" She said it was my dream and there was no way she would know. I was really pissed!!! How could she pretend she was not there when we played so much in my dream.LOL I just thought she was a kill joy.

    1. Lol! This is one of the funniest childhood stories I've ever read. Wow! Still loling here. Tot I was unique as a child, but really, what 7 year olds will do!

  2. Wait till you hear mine. I can't remember how old I was, but I was quite young. I'd fought with my younger brother and for my purnishment and I told to go into my mother's room. At first, I felt bad and was crying, then, I started looking at the mirror and making faces. All of a sudden, I had a bright idea. I sat on my mother's make up chair and started wearing her make_up!
    I used very red lipstick, which covered more than half of my face, eye pencil, drawn haphazardly and something they called pan-cake which I applied in liberal quantity. Then, I wore her shoes and was searching for a bag when she opened the door to check up on me!

    You can only imagine the shock on her face when she saw me. (Still laughing just remembering the expression on her face). Of course, that was the last day I was sent to her room as purnishment.

  3. @Anon, 10.02pm, lol.
    Ok, here is mine.
    I had returned from school with a zero in my class work, my father called me to check how I did in school. To avoid being shouted upon, I threw my school back with all my books in a drum with water in it! When my father asked me, I told him I tripped and my books fell into the drum. Till date, I wonder why I wasn't punished because it was obvious I was lying.