Friday, September 21, 2012

Rapist, who raped a 17 yr old girl shouts: I'm guilty, Please judge, sentence me now' in court

Rapist, Mawawe Karam
What would make a man who had previously pleaded 'not guilty' to rape suddenly change his mind and shout: 'I'm guilty, I'm guilty' and afterwards, 'please judge, please sentence me today, please'.

That was the drama that ensued in Notthingham City Centre when a rapist, Mawawe Ibraham Karam, 28, was due to stand trial accused of raping a 17-year-old in Nottingham city centre next week, after he originally pleaded not guilty.

After exposing himself, he was removed from the Nottingham courtroom and could be heard shouting 'I'm guilty, I'm guilty'.

After pleading guilty, Karam asked Judge Stokes to sentence him that day, repeatedly shouting:
'Please judge, please sentence me today, please.'

He was later brought back before the judge and changed his plea to guilty.

Karam was jailed at Nottingham Crown Court today for ten years for rape and the theft of the victim's mobile phone. After raping her in March 25 this year, he left her on the street half naked and took her cell phone with him. He has been recommended for deportation after serving his term.

Source: Mailonline

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