Thursday, September 20, 2012

Meet the waitress who looks so much like Kate Middleton, she gets paid £650 to appear as the future Queen.

Spot the difference if you can!

Her name is Heidi Agan. She used to be a waitress but people, including her daughter couldn't tell the difference between her and Princess Katherine. So, she quite her job and today,  she charges £650 for public appearances as the future Queen. 

Yimiton's question is: Isn't that some sort of impersonation?

Continue to see more pictures and let's know if you can spot the difference.


  1. Wow! How can 2 plp look so alike? They should go and trace their geniology, it's possible they're related.

  2. Are you sure these people are not messing with your head? It could be the same person with little photoshop twicks.

  3. This woman needs to get a life and stop living in someone's shadow.