Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Man rapes 8 children & threatens to kill them if they report the case

The raped children
Is this wickedness or what? What should they do to this very wicked and heartless man. I mean, who in his right senses rapes 8 children at once? This man is not only a pedophile, he's also a serial rapist.

I beg read the story and share your ideas about this man and the situation.

The police in Ipaja-Ayobo area of Lagos have arrested a man who allegedly defiled eight children.

He is now being detained, awaiting arraignment in court. The suspect, Mr. Temitope Alo was arrested on Saturday at Koloba area of Ayobo after the children allegedly confessed that he had raped them.

The eight victims, whose ages range from eight to 15 years were brought to the Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, WAPA yesterday by the Vice Chairman, Ipaja-Ayobo Local Council Development Area, LCDA, Alhaja Falilat Ajijola to enable the state government to take over the case.

The Suspect said he works for a newspaper company (name withheld) in Lagos and allegedly lured the children to his apartment where he defiled them and threatened to kill them if they reported the matter.

Tests conducted on the eight children at the Ayobo-Ipaja Primary Health Centre, PHC, showed that the children had been defiled.

A top official of the WAPA Ministry said that the ministry had been handling rape cases but they had never recorded a case where a man serially raped eight children.

The news of the rape caused a stir at the WAPA ministry as the staff rained curses on the alleged rapist.

The suspect, in his statement at the Ayobo Police Station, was said to have admitted that he raped some children, but that he only raped four and not eight.

One of the victims, an eight years old girl (name withheld) said the suspect told them to help him arrange newspapers in his apartment, adding that, “after that, he told us to go into the next room. “He asked us to remove our panties and I asked him what he wanted to do to us. He laid me on the bed and defiled me four times. He covered our mouths with white handkerchief and threatened to kill us if we report,” she said.

Another victim, a 12 years old girl (name withheld) alleged that the suspect “licked my private part. He called me and my friend in. He asked me to bring N100 fufu for him, which I brought. While I was waiting for the money with my friend, he asked my friend whether she could keep a secret. “He asked me to pull off my panties but I did not answer and he forced me and licked my private part while he slept with my friend and defiled her too. He gave us N50. I told my friend that I will tell my mummy, but he threatened to kill us if we told anybody.”


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