Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tears for our Nation.

People are dying on road accidents and plane crashes.

Poverty is prevalent in the Nation.
No constant Electricity supply over 26 years after electricity was promised.
Joblessness and hopelessness haunt the youths.
Medical doctors go on strikes periodically, leaving the sick to die in their illnesses.
Our hospitals are in neglect.
Quality of education is at it's lowest.

Lecturers are often on strike..... and our leaders are only interested in change of schools' names.

Please add your own observations on the comment box.

God, Have Mercy on Nigeria.


  1. In addition to epileptic electricity supply, Govt is increasing electricity tafrrif, withdrawing fuel subsidy, changing premier institution names and perpetual killiong up north-Hello Ona

  2. Hello @Anon, tnx for your comment. U didn't leave your name, so I can't tell who U are. It's a sad time in the history of our Dear nation.